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The Eagle on the Ramparts  by Canafinwe 10 Review(s)
obsidianjReviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/28/2015
So, Ecthelion has the feeling that something is familiar about the star Thorongil wears. Let's see how long it will take him to place it. But if Ecthelion knows the star Denethor surely also knows it. That might put Thorongil into an awkward position. But I don't think Thorongil will ever be on the good side of Denethor. Denethor might respect him for his skills, but he will always be suspicious and when he figures out what the star signifies..., but I'm getting ahead. Let's see how this story unfolds.
I like the way you describe Ecthelion with his family, especially his dealings with his wife.

quodamatReviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/12/2015
I just had to laugh at the line "Disrobing fully would squander time better spent in sleep"...I SO know that feeling! Such a shame that it backfired for poor Thorongil.

I'm now rooting for Jamon to do something quite spectacular and laudable, just to show up Denethor and his racist ways! Chilling indeed.

As always, thanks!

Author Reply: Heh. Yes, I think we've all felt that way at one time or another! Poor Thorongil.

Mmm. That would be nice, wouldn't it? Keep cheering Jamon on!

CelethReviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/10/2015
I really look forward to the match between Minardil and Thorongil. I wonder if Minardil is ready to take on all the Elven training and experience behind Thorongil's sword-arm, but it will be exciting to "watch."

I just love the way you flesh out your characters, specially the ones who had little or no speaking parts in LOTR: Ecthelion and his family especially, and even the one I love to have: Denethor.

Author Reply: Great to know you're excited! I'm tickled pink that you like Ecthelion and his family! I was absolutely elated when I learned Denethor had sisters. It adds so many possibilities.

SnehaReviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/8/2015
I wonder if the Steward will find the truth about the brooch. Aragorn's plan of blending in has not worked very well, he still has much to learn! Denethor is being mean as usual, you write him beautifully, I do see how being the only son might have added to his coldness and pride. With him away, perhaps the regard between the Steward and Thorongil will grow.

Author Reply: Yes, he's not quite the unobtrusive Strider who can slip into a room without being noticed in the least, is he? No spoilers on the brooch, but I'm thrilled to know Denethor's characterization is unspooling logically!

Cimarron's Girl Reviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/8/2015
Ah, the long-awaited meeting between Ecthelion and Thorongil has taken place! Such a shame that Denethor has already decided that Thorongil is some manner of opponent.

Minardil sounds like a kind and noble captain for his men; I would not have thought that an officer in charge of nearly a hundred soldiers would trouble himself to accompany one of them upon a summons from the Captain-General. I hope we will see lots more from his character throughout this tale! And I would like to know how the sparring match between him and Thorongil went, although I can probably already guess who won.

I also really enjoyed the interlude of Ecthelion's perspective. I wonder if he will ever determine about the origins of that silver star. Of course, if Ecthelion is near to divining something about the star, I can only imagine what Denethor will eventually decide. I can't wait to hear about how Denethor will assess Thorongil's skills - whatever happens, I doubt it will make Denethor value the "meek-mouthed braggart" more.

As always, your writing masterfully captures the images of Tolkien's world and breathes new life into them! I think you could write a successful novel of your own. :-)


Author Reply: I'm so touched to know that my writing is so evocative: thank you!

Fortunately, summons of common soldiers from a lower Company before their Captain-General are rare. Unfortunately, they'd almost always be of a disciplinary nature. Hence Minardil's determination to be present as an advocate for his men: defence counsel, if you will.

I'm so glad you're eager for more! Thank you for another lovely review.

someoneReviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/8/2015
Internet ate my first review, hopefully this will go through...

Minardil clearly knows commander well, as he doesn't want his soldiers to meet Denethor alone. And I was really happy to find mention of him while browsing LWW, it seems that there is a good chance for him to be alive during the war. He must be surprised to see the new king!

Thorongil's plan to arrive in Gondor just like all the other sell-swords clearly failed, as Ecthelion saw right through the humble appearance. Aragorn, having lived in Imladris among even more intimidating people, just didn't know he wasn't supposed to be able to look the Lords of Gondor in the eyes! He has nothing to fear from the people of his own southern realm, at least not yet, and it shows.

If Ecthelion already knows that the star is somehow familiar, it is only question of time that one of the loremasters recognizes it. That might be awkward for Thorongil.

Also, I think I already like Anoriel. She has apparently common sense in not expecting too much from someone who has been in the city for only a week.

Author Reply: Oh, that internet! Thank you for persisting: I appreciate it!

Ah, you noticed Minardil's little cameo! Very astute. I do not doubt he'll be awestruck.

It really was a flawless plan, except for the eye-contact think, right? ;-) And I do love to put Thorongil in awkward positions, so.... yeah.

I'm glad you like Anoriel and her common sense. Ecthelion's a bit of a high-flown dreamer at times.

LoriReviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/7/2015
I love the personal conversations Thornogil has with the people around him. I like all the rest too, its just conversation often personalizes and draws you in. Can't wait to read more. Will we get to see Thorongil duel his captain? I really like his captain. As long as he doesn't tragically die along the way, i wonder if his captain just might become thornogil's future lieutenant (so to speak) as thorongil's rank will rise. I switch in places.

Author Reply: It's wonderful to know that the conversations are telling, not dry: thank you! I'm so glad you like Minardil! Cannot comment on his fate, though: spoilers!

UTfrogReviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/7/2015
You write Denethor so well that I really want to knock some sense into him. He could have accomplished so much! Great story

Author Reply: Wow! Thanks: sadly, that should be the response. ;-)

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/7/2015
Methinks that Denethor has a conscience that does work, but whose disturbance he will discipline as he will the Men under his orders. Interesting, the manner in which he subtly seeks to diminish Jamon in the eyes of his betrothed.

Author Reply: Methinks you have a measure of the Heir.

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/7/2015
He could not pinpoint the fact, but the feeling… the feeling was one of respect and quiet marvel

What a lovely description.

Author Reply: Thank you! I'm glad it was striking.

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