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The Eagle on the Ramparts  by Canafinwe 9 Review(s)
obsidianjReviewed Chapter: 11 on 11/29/2015
I think Denethor is in for a, in his mind, nasty surprise. If he thinks Minardil is a fool and easily trounced by the second company, he forgot the new recruit. Someone needs to take Denethor a peg or two down. He is overconfident and only sees what he wants to see to the detriment of his forces. Having this water-collecting duty thrust upon 3 people for 2 weeks just to spite someone is not the mark of a great commander. These people become a liability when the going gets rough and they are overtired. Unless Denethor thinks he can waste these people.

MarianelReviewed Chapter: 11 on 11/27/2015
Just like in a Long and weary way Estel is as kingly as ever even as a common soldier. I keep calling him Estel I know. Thats what he is- hope. In Tolkiens saga and in all his e he hides until the right moment as we all know. Must be tireing, but to me hes more Estel than anything even as king Elessar.Almost always kind and patient bordering on absurdity with all the wearysome tedious tasks hes ordered to do. And so awfully little sleep! Denethor is scary in this story and I sure hope he leaves the Easterling in peace or somehow realises its futile somehow.Your version of him is complicated and very interesting, keep it up.Denethor seem to know Estel is more than he seems.
Indeed I look forward to more!

Author Reply: I agree! Aragorn was my Estel when there was little else. HIs patience... well, it *does* snap from time to time, often SCATHINGLY, but a few hard chores aren't enough to do it. I am glad to know that I'm portraying both his humility and his kingliness.

Ah, Denethor... he is scary, not the least because he shows us the other side of the coin: what could have happened on an even greater scale had Aragorn failed at the test. I'm so glad you're reading. Thank you!

Camp6311Reviewed Chapter: 11 on 11/23/2015
Let the games begin! This is going to be fun!

Not surprised Thorongil was assigned to carry water, but what a ploy to have your best man spying on the enemy's, make that opponent's, encampment under the guise of carrying water. I have a feeling Second Company is going to rue Denethor's choice of water boy.

I was surprised at Denethor's unkind thoughts toward Minardil. While young and inexperienced, he is proving himself to be a very capable captain. I'm wondering if this whole reshuffling thing isn't Minardil's punishment for losing that sword match.

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate Thanksgiving), and double wishes for good health and happy handses.

Author Reply: Thank you! A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well. We don't celebrate here, but it's a lovely sentiment.

The Second Company may rue a great many of Denethor's choices before the end...

Astutely noted, too: Denethor is indeed scorning Minardil because of that loss.

MattReviewed Chapter: 11 on 11/23/2015
Nice chapter, a lot of set-up but such is the way of things with chapters like this. Looking forward to what happens next. Thanks for your hard work on this.

Author Reply: I had to laugh at this, because of course a large part of the chapter is *literally* set-up. Thanks as always!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 11 on 11/23/2015
Denethor undervalues the Second Company, and should not do so with Thengel's honored Man amongst them and considering Minardil's own skills. He will learn. And Thorongil already is showing forth the wisdom that led to the honors he received in Rohan and that will earn Ecthelion's respect and love. I wait with anticipation to see how Thorongil will manage to upset Denethor's expectations!

Wise for Thorongil to insist on seeing this as a contest rather than as a pretend war.

Author Reply: Very true! I am glad you're eager to see where this goes. It's very nice to know you're eager to see where it goes.

AromeneReviewed Chapter: 11 on 11/22/2015
Can't even let them finish breakfast. Thanks Denethor. Oh, well, this will probably be a lot of fun. I have a feeling things aren't quite going to go the way he hopes. :)

Author Reply: Ah, life in the army. ;-) Interesting feeling. I think you might be right...

SnehaReviewed Chapter: 11 on 11/22/2015
Thorongil is fast winning a reputation for himself! "Greenest man" indeed, Denethor should have a ton of surprises coming up soon! It was nice to see him excited for once. I am looking forward to the battle of wills. I am curious how you will handle it though, Denethor does not strike me as someone who likes surprises or to be bested.
Kudos to the descriptions, I could feel the cold, hear the horn ringing out and men scrambling to answer their Lord's call! I also like the names to come up with, they fit so well in the person and the story!
I hope you won't think this as prying, but where are you from? Are you a professional writer? I would love to read something of your own if someday you write it. Each chapter has made me curious of the person who writes it! Thank you!

Author Reply: I'm glad it's good to see Denethor excited! You're right: he does *NOT* like surprises. It's great that the descriptions work, and the names! That can be challenging at times.

I don't think it's prying in the least, and I'd love to share my location privately. I do make a point not to post it publically, though, so I'll just have to say that I am from an English-speaking nation in the Western Hemisphere. I'm not a professional writer, but a lady can dream! I work in health care, which as you can imagine takes up a lot of my time. In addition to the Tolkien scholarship, I'm also an amateur clothing historian (shocker, I know!)

someoneReviewed Chapter: 11 on 11/22/2015
So, there is a reason beyond testing Thorongil to have the Tenth company to face the Second. It is nice to see Denethor happy and not plotting against anyone.

What struck me is that these soldiers of the city have almost no experience in camping in the cold, and most likely none of them (except Thorongil) have ever really fought in battles. They just keep an eye on people on market days. It was about time that Denethor took them to practice outside the city. If the practice continues, it will be useful during the war and the march to the Black Gate.

And again, the troublemakers and outsiders have to carry the water. I'm waiting to see if Thorongil's idea is right and they'll have to attack the other camp to get water. Having to walk several times each morning over some distance with over 50 kilograms of weight is hard, perhaps they could "capture" the stream and move camp closer at some point. I'm really feeling sorry for the small Easterling who had to carry the water.

By the way, you mentioned a Sable Challenger in earlier chapters. Is it an official position for the best swordsman in the Guard of the Citadel, or is it just a nickname for some soldier?

Author Reply: Well, if there's one thing we can say about Denethor, it's that when he has too long to sit and think, it *never* brings out the best in him. He needs to be busy! And yes: the Guards of the City really do need some combat experience.

Ah, the Sable Challenger! He's the Citadel's equivalent to the Champion of the Guard: one man chosen by virtue of ability to face the Champion in an annual tourney. More on this to come...

UTfrogReviewed Chapter: 11 on 11/22/2015
This is a great read! I fear many upsets are in store for Denethor!

Author Reply: Mwahahaha...

I mean: upsets? Surely not! *innocent eyes*

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