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Eldarion, Estelion  by quodamat 7 Review(s)
LasseReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/13/2016
What a poignant story and moment, and what great insights and thoughts on how differently humans and elves would perceive time. The impact of waiting is so different when the wait is a chunk out of a finite quantity, as opposed to simply the longing of having what one wishes for deferred to a later time in an infinite span. And it's true that Aragorn would have been under such enormous pressure to get an heir, it must have been so difficult for him.

Also, great thoughts on Elrond. I always wished that he had stayed long enough for at least one grandchild to be born, but I suppose the progression of events aren't always timed the way we want them, and I can well believe he would be simply tapped out by then, 6,000 years of endurance is vastly longer than what most people could bear. I do hope he made some arrangement to hear word of his descendants though, through his sons, or Legolas, or Glorfindel, or someone.

Author Reply: Thank you for your review, Lasse! You expressed my sense of the difference between mortal and immortal waiting very eloquently. Also, I too hope Elrond got after-the-fact news from his sons, friends, father-in-law, etc. In fact, I'm toying with trying to write a few such scenes one day... :)

PSWReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/22/2016
This was just incredible. You have so well described the long joys and frustrations and fidelities and heartache of real waiting -- not something that we are at all accustomed to in our time and place. But how joyful when that waiting finally comes to fruition! And what a fantastic comparison of the waiting of Elves with that of Men. I just can't say enough about this story -- well, well done. Thanks so much for writing!

Author Reply: Thank you so much for your very kind words! They are truly encouraging.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/12/2016
Oh, but so well reasoned, the burden of such waiting. At least he waited to excellent effect in the end, rewarded by such a son by the one woman he ever allowed himself to love!

I love this, and love the framing of the story! And the title is perfect!

Author Reply: Thanks so much for your kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I'm also really happy that you liked the title--I think the idea for the title was what brought the whole thing together in my mind.

MikoNoNyteReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/1/2016

You have captured in this little story the dept of the concept of "waiting" so well!

The difference between time for mortals in Aragorn and Elves in Elrond and Arwen is so different and I doubt we give it much thought. But here you have outlined, in a man's introspection over a child, the complete cycle of a man's waiting; the expectations, the desires as well as potential failures.

For a moment I had to go check again the concept of this piece (the "waiting" idea) as the depth of Aragorn's introspection seemed to vere away from the child in his arms, but it all came together and really, what man, what father does not spend a moment or a lifetime looking at what he (and his beloved) have created between them and all the trials and difficulties DO feed into that.

I was particularly moved by your brief look at Elrond's exit from the scene: not his sailing so much as, as you said "I will join my wife across the Sea". He managed four years before leaving I believe? Four more years before he could fill the hole in his heart while leaving another on these hither shores. It is good to be reminded with this that there were sacrifices on all parts for the good to come in the end and yes, you showed us that good with "tiny hands that grasped his smallest finger with surprisingly hearty grip": the prize for all this waiting.

Thank you quodamat for a wonderful story!

Author Reply: Thanks so much for such a lovely, thoughtful review! I'm very honoured. I'm especially glad that you enjoyed the piece about Elrond, as I've found myself thinking about his story a lot lately. I find it very poignant. Thanks again for reading and sharing your thoughts!

shadowbrideReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/30/2016
I loved this when I read it on the Teitho page and I love it still. I think you capture the joy that many new parents feel when they look upon their first born, but also the sense of long desired fulfilment that Aragorn must have felt. Well done.

Author Reply: Thank you so much! I'm glad you felt I captured something of the emotions of the scene. I'm at a stage in life where my friends include many new parents, but also many people who feel like they are weary of waiting to find love and have children, and even a couple who are anxiously waiting to find out whether it will be possible for them to have a baby. I myself don't remotely fall into any of those camps, but I think writing this was a good exercise in empathy for me.

Thanks again!

RyanweReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/30/2016
A lovely entry for the teitho "waiting" challenge. When I first read it, I loved the deep insight into Aragorn's most treasured hopes. You write him beautifully! Thanks for writing and posting.

Author Reply: Thanks so much for reading and sharing your response! I'm glad you felt I wrote Aragorn well - that means a lot!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/30/2016
This is absolutely beautiful.

Author Reply: Wow, these words are a true gift coming from a writer of your caliber. Thank you very much indeed!

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