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Beyond Imladris  by PSW 6 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 12 on 11/16/2016
Now he knows how well the searchers fared as they sought to track him and his abductor along the Road, and the anxiety Elrond in especial felt is well conveyed.

Now, to learn what this kinsman among the Dunedain wants to convey! Sounds as if he's not particularly the most pleasant of blokes.

Author Reply: Thank you! :-) Yes, Baradhald could take some lessons in tact and in being a little less pushy, for certain ...

Thanks so much as always for reading and commenting!

spinsterReviewed Chapter: 12 on 11/14/2016
Write faster. Call in sick and write! The suspense is killing me.

Seriously - I love this story.

Author Reply: Ha! Don't think it hasn't occurred to me. :-P How I wish it worked that way...

I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying, thanks so much for reading and commenting! :-)

ibonekiReviewed Chapter: 12 on 11/13/2016
The Elrond POV of their side of the events continues to be fantastic! Your characterization of the elves is so on point, especially Elrond-the-worried-dad's inner turmoil. And great throwback to Estel's decision to go back to the wagon where he heard Glorfindel in his head, having Glorfindel actually approve of that decision. Uh oh, Estel knows this guy? You've surprised me so far with every move in regards to these two rangers, so I wonder if he'll have a change of heart...

Author Reply: Thank you! :-) I'm happy you're enjoying it, it's definitely been an interesting couple of chapters for me, and of course there are a few more like it to come. Was wondering if anyone would note/comment on the Glorfindel bit... :-P

Yep, Baradhald is not Estel's favorite person ever, either. He does tend to put people off wherever he goes -- it would be to his benefit to learn to back off a bit...

Thanks as always for reading and commenting!

RobnrunReviewed Chapter: 12 on 11/13/2016
You know, this is just as riveting (hearing this side of it) even knowing that Estel is safe. Thanks!

Author Reply: :-) I'm glad! One of the big reasons I didn't want to have both sides going at once was that I didn't really want to give away how close they were getting... I'm happy it works out this way.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 12 on 11/13/2016
One of the things Elrond's perspective drives home is the significance of Estel's disappearance for people beyond his immediate family. When we see just Estel, it's easy to see him as lost, frightened, clever kid who needs help. But this goes far beyond the personal. I also like the notion of the twins visiting these villages. It ties parts of the world together in a way that makes sense.

What a wise Elf Elrond is in his judgement of the barkeeper who dismissed Estel's request for help. Would we could all be so insightful.


Author Reply: Yes, I think you're right -- it does give it a bit of a broader scope to see it from this perspective. Estel just doesn't have that knowledge yet...

The line I have always tried to keep in front of me the few times I have written Elrond is 'kind as summer'. He of course has all the same frustrations and disappointments as everyone else -- more, really, in many cases -- but Tolkien made it a point to say this about him. So I always try to think -- how would Elrond as a very kind person react to this... I enjoy the movies, but this is one place PJ really got it wrong...he did such a disservice to Elrond. As another author commented, 'I think someone forgot to tell Hugo Weaving he was playing a good guy'... :-(

Thanks as always for reading and for your comments!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 12 on 11/13/2016
Thank you for filling in the Elves' desperate and insightful search for Estel.

Author Reply: And thanks as always for reading and for your comments! I'm glad you're enjoying! :-)

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