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Beyond Imladris  by PSW 8 Review(s)
ibonekiReviewed Chapter: 13 on 11/22/2016
Alright I gotta admit, Estel snuggling up to Glorfindel and no one disturbing the latter for a watch is my favorite thing about this chapter and possibly the whole story. AWWWWW. Heh. Some disturbing details about Baradhald's treatment of Gilraen and especially Estel. I sincerely hope Estel confides in Elrond about what this man said to him!

Author Reply: :-) Estel did well for himself, but he needs a lot of reassurance right now, poor kid. I suspect they'll all end up sharing w him at some point over the next days...

Yes, something must be done about Baradhald, definitely. Stay tuned... ;-)

Thanks so much as always for reading and your comments!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 13 on 11/21/2016
I beg to differ with Dorhaur. Baradhald is an idiot. Like Dorhaur, I am aware that no one asked my opinion, but I'll give it anyway! It's interesting that Baradhald quarreled with Gilraen in front of Estel, and then pressured Estel and he chose not to tell any of his Elf family about it. That's quite discreet for a boy his age.

My man and I will accompany you until you reach the Road. He grinned sourly. Im sure you wont mind the additional swords

Ha! Send "my man" and go away. I did like Dorhaur's musings on how Estel would adjust to living among men eventually. It's to Dorhaur's credit that he sees some of his captain's concern as valid.

Author Reply: Opine away! :-)

Dorhaur, unfortunately, doesn't know Baradhald well enough to realize yet what he is -- which is a bully (and one with an agenda). I honestly didn't intend for him to be that way, either ... it was a bit of a surprise for me as it developed. Baradhald has a goal in mind, though, and he is someone who has no issues with intimidating women and children in an attempt to get what he wants (I'm quite sure he treats his own wife and children in the same way, though it doesn't come up in the story -- that I know of). Gilraen might have been justified in deciding to just leave it alone, as the man's not in Imladris much ... but I don't think I would have handled it that way. Estel, on the other hand ... I completely forgot to put this in during writing, which I only just now realized ... Estel mostly never said anything because his nine or ten year old self (I'm not sure how old he was at the time) was afraid that if he told on this one, they'd stop letting him meet new people, and he wants to meet new people. He doesn't really understand that it doesn't work that way.

Baradhald really *is* an idiot, though, in the sense of his continuing antagonism, and in the fact that really, this will get back to Elrond and Co at some point. There's no way they're going to be in the dark on this forever. He doesn't understand subtle, though ... he understands pushing until he gets his way. There *is* a reason that, despite his family connections, he's banished to a captaincy in which he only rarely actually sees his men.

Some of the concerns Dorhaur pondered are valid, yes -- at least, they seem to me to be. It's something I've always wondered about in this whole do you raise a Man in an atmosphere that is (mostly) all Elves? Seems problematic ...

Anyhoo ... thanks as always for reading and commenting!

elizaReviewed Chapter: 13 on 11/21/2016
***sighs*** I think everyone knows a "Baradhad", someone who is so puffed up over their own self importance. they just irritate everyone else and usually know less than everyone else. lol, and they always seem to get promoted!!

Glad to see the elves struggle with the same irritation as mortals. Maybe an misdirected arrow in the backside would teach him some manners?? completely by accident of course.

Lovely little snippets of interaction between the family (climbing into Glorfindels bedroll was precious), glad to see at least Dorhaur can see the love betwixt Estel and his family.

Looking forward to the next chapter (and I know there has to be a next one because we all want to know the story Elrond is telling to Estel).

Great story.

Author Reply: Yes, I'm looking forward to next chapter myself! :-)

Baradhald is a pain in the rear, and I'm quite sure any one of them (including Elrond) is quite tempted by the misdirected arrow in the backside route. ;-) We'll see if we can't get him taken care of by the end of the story ...

Thanks so much for reading and commenting, glad you're enjoying!

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 13 on 11/21/2016
This is turning into a wonderfully complex and insightful take on Estel's 'hidden years'. Thank you for sharing it with us all.

Author Reply: Thank you for reading, I'm happy you're enjoying! It was fun opportunity to get to talk out some questions I've always had about the raising of a Man in an Elvish environment ... :-)

Thanks for your comments!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 13 on 11/21/2016
Baradhald has reason to be concerned, I think, considering the story I'm posting about Estel's return to his own people where he must learn to adapt to the ways of Men. But he's definitely going about it all wrong! I wonder what he personally thinks to get out of the early return of Aragorn--the right to "direct" him as regent, perhaps? As a student of the War of the Roses I know how that tends to end up.

And I love Dorhaur's reasons to continue on even if it means he must ride alongside Baradhald. Wise Man!

Am enjoying this very much.

Author Reply: Yes, there are some reasons to be wary of the whole setup, definitely -- and I did actually think of your story a couple of times while writing! :-) But Baradhald is a bully -- he doesn't know the meaning of tact or how to back down, and he's got his own agenda going to, which has nothing to do with Estel's best interests ...

Dorhaur, on the other hand, is a good guy who does ...

THanks as always for reading and commenting!

spinsterReviewed Chapter: 13 on 11/20/2016
What a great story teller you are! Baraheld seems like a real bad-bannana; I suspect he is going to try to snatch Estel...and bring the wrath of his Elvish family down. Elrond, of course will be the voice of reason. I can just picture Elladan, Elrohir and Glorfindle storming into the Dunadain stronghold/camp looking for Estel. See, I'm getting to know you so well, I'm anticipating the storyline. So Happy Thanksgiving, have a nice meal and then WRITE MORE. I keep saying that, huh. Thanks.

Author Reply: Thank you! I'm happy you're enjoying. :-)

Yes, Baradhald is a bit of a problem ... but one they'll hopefully have mostly solved by the end. ;-) Stay tuned ...

Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

6336Reviewed Chapter: 13 on 11/20/2016
Hm, seems to me that Baradheld wants to get Estel away from Imlardris and the Elves for his own purposes, if he can, and is given the raising of him, under his influence who knows how things will evolve. It sounds like he is jealous of the influence the Elves have with the Dunadine.

I do believe that Gilrain should tell Elrond of the pressure that Baradheld is putting on her to leave Imlardris.

I hope the Elves keep their wits about them on this journey, I am getting a bad feeling about all this.


Author Reply: Baradhald is definitely a problem. He's a bully with his own agenda, who can't accept that it's just not going to happen ...

You're right about Gilraen, it's not a good idea to let that go. But right or wrong, she's trying not to stir the pot.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting, I'm happy you're enjoying!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 13 on 11/20/2016
this boy was their Chieftain.

What a fascinating concept for Dorhaur to absorb.

Another enjoyable chapter! It really is a treat to see Elrond away from Rivendell, and interacting alongside his sons and Glorfindel among Men.

Author Reply: Yes, I'm sure he will be repeating that to himself several times a day for the next few ... :-P

I have been enjoying writing Elrond out of his normal environment, definitely!

Thanks as always for reading and for your comments!

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