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Beyond Imladris  by PSW 4 Review(s)
ibonekiReviewed Chapter: 14 on 11/27/2016
Ouch, Elrond is having himself a day. I love that he's able to see pieces of Estel's compassion, and his curiosity and apprehension about Estel's half-truths re: Rivendell is fascinating. Not sure I can last two weeks without an update...haha. Have a good vacation!

Author Reply: Thanks! :-)

Yes, it's been a rough one for them all, despite that they're getting closer all the time.

I feel like Elrond (and Gilraen, and everyone else in Rivendell) took on more than they probably expected in trying not only to keep Aragorn/Estel hidden from the world, but to also keep his identity hidden from him. Aragorn is so intelligent, and on top of that, they are teaching him to *think*, not just react -- which will of course lead him right back to his own situation eventually. In my own mind, I suspect it was a race to stay ahead of him, especially through his teenage years ...

Thanks as always for reading and commenting! :-)

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 14 on 11/27/2016
The reaction to actually seeing the Man is understandable, I think. But he will do what he has to to relieve Ferrier of the infection, for that is WHAT he is as well as WHO he is. And he has good reason to respect Estel's own good sense.

Author Reply: Yes, both who and what he is will war with his emotions here, and will win out in the end -- because he is Elrond, who is both wise and kind, and because he has Glorfindel at his side, who is fearless and full of joy. That's quite the one-two punch right there ... :-)

Thanks so much as always for reading and commenting!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 14 on 11/26/2016
I can only imagine the Elves' relief when the farmer asked if they were after Estel. The right name, this time! And I have to say, I'm with Marks when it comes to being unable to fathom Elven generations.

I like the way you've taken the opportunity to consider what being hidden away might mean to Estel, how he interprets it at different stages of his life.

Elrond is wonderful as he struggles to do the right thing. I guess even thousands of years of wisdom don't remove the need to struggle sometimes, especially under strong emotion.

Nice chapter.

Author Reply: Thank you!

Yes, they are getting closer -- which probably is a huge relief and a frustration all at once.

I've always wondered about different aspects of hiding Estel/Aragorn away for his growing up years. The not telling him who he was ... eventually he will start to wonder what's up, and he will see through it when they try to talk around him. He would have to -- Aragorn is an intelligent and discerning person, and I expect that didn't just appear once he was an adult. Wisdom, yes, and knowledge and social ease, but the intelligence had to have been there all along -- and I say to Elrond and Gilraen, good luck. You've bitten off a lot with this ... :-P

I expect the struggle would always be there ... but maybe (hopefully) we would know how to handle it better after all that time?

Thanks as always for reading and commenting!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 14 on 11/26/2016
He was utterly unprepared for the wave of sheer, breathtaking fury that washed over him.

Yes, you can live many millenia and still be surprised by your emotions, especially after such a long and distressing search for Estel.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Author Reply: Yes, I think that's true. Our emotions are what they are, especially when we are tired or stressed, and all the years in the world probably wouldn't be enough to take that away. Maybe help us handle them better, but not control them entirely. And we probably wouldn't want to, anyway ...

Thanks as always for reading and commenting!

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