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On the knife’s edge  by Laikwalâssę 3 Review(s)
elizaReviewed Chapter: 17 on 9/21/2017
Darn it, real life almost made me miss a chapter....

Now talk about a plot twist. lol. Nicely done Lai, nicely done. this is interesting because that must mean Glorifindel must have a few lessons to learn. very well written, I never ever think of Glori being irresponsible and to see him viewed as such was fascinating.

can't wait to see where his dreams lead him

Author Reply: you are welcome and thank you very much. Yes, poor Glorfi, even with his age he has still some things to learn- lol! It was fun to picture him such. Thanks for a most appreciated review, eliza. Lai

SemmleyReviewed Chapter: 17 on 9/20/2017
Oh! Nice! Great plot twist Lai. I've now joined Glorfindel and Celebrian on the cliff top. As I am afraid of heights, I hope I don't have to wait too long for rescue.

Author Reply: thanks, Tina. You have not to wait long, but the drop will be deep. Thanks for your review, my friend. Lai

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 17 on 9/19/2017
Whaaaaat?? Good heavens, what's happening? Such a terrible nightmare, if indeed that's what this is. Poor Glorfindel.

Author Reply: Glorfindel does not need this nightmare on top, or is it real? He will find out soon, promise. Thanks so much for reviewing, shirebound. Lai

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