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Small Hands  by shirebound 14 Review(s)
ErulisseReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/8/2017
What a delight. These two new characters will give us all new eyes to revisit our old friends as they recover and resume their interrupted lives. Lovely!

- Erulisse (one L)

Author Reply: Thank you! I love 'seeing' the hobbits through new eyes.

LavenderTookReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/24/2017
I loved how Aragorn created commonality between these 2 and the hobbits and thus encouraged them to offer friendship to them. (-: Sweet!


Author Reply: Thank you! :)

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/21/2017
A wonderful introduction to Aragorn. I felt as if I were there with the men.

Author Reply: Awwww, thank you. *beams*

AranadhelReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/17/2017
Well written mellon nin!

More please... I assume the brothers are the Northern Dunedain?

Author Reply: Thank you!

I had imagined the brothers as soldiers of Gondor. The Professor tells us that many thousands followed Aragorn to the Black Gate, "troop by troop, and company by company".

lbiloverReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/15/2017
Aww, more Cormallen fic! There can never be enough. I love that you found another bit from that chapter to inspire you. <3

Author Reply: Thank you. I hope we never run out of 'inspirational bits', especially when it comes to healing hobbits and sweet Fellowship friendship.

UTfrogReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/15/2017
Hooray! Always ready for a new story. I also love any stories from very early in Aragorn's reign. Thank you.

Author Reply: Hooray, so glad you're enjoying this already! :)

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/15/2017
but they would not wish to be spied upon from a distance

Yes, I can very well imagine that!

And now to the first meeting. I am quite sure that the two captains will be very nervous...

Thank you for a new Shirebound Story :-)

Author Reply: I can just imagine Sam bristling with outrage if he thought Mr. Frodo was being spied upon!

DrumyReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/15/2017
Thanks for again to write a beautiful story. A hug

Author Reply: Thank you, Drumy. I'm so happy you enjoy these stories.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/15/2017
Oh, but I'd all but forgotten these men! I rejoice that you bring them to our general awareness now. And I love how they are cautioned not to kneel, but are allowed to bow. Heh! Yes, I can see this caution being given.

Author Reply: The Professor gives us so many of these tiny moments and events that we can expand and enjoy. Bless him!

Sandy (Silalumenn)Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/14/2017
Excellent start! I can't wait to read the rest.

Author Reply: Glad to hear it! I'm so happy to be immersed in hobbits once again. :)

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