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Serving Gondor  by Larner 9 Review(s)
AndreaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/30/2017
It seems I have completely missed the start of a very good story ;-)

I am very impressed of the level of charity and the condition of for example the Rest House. But of course, we do not speak of any king and queen, we speak of Aragorn and Arwen!

So I hope that Andred, after a very good meal, will find a suitable job in Minas Anor.

rsReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/14/2017
Hi Larner!

I am so thrilled that my drawing was an inspiration for this story! Squee!

I am doubly delighted that you have expanded on what I have always thought the King and Queen would be... Hands on Royals who are approachable and personable to their subjects; ones who give back and take care of the less fortunate.

I appreciate every detail that you put into this. It's like being transported into the streets of Minis Anor. I cannot wait to read more.

RadbooksReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/12/2017
How nice to have a new story from you, Larner! I really enjoyed it.

Author Reply: Oh, my dear friend--how long it's been since I heard from you last! The wallpaper you once sent me of two aspects of Aragorn and the saying indicating he was the Guardian is wallpaper on this computer now. And this story will continue for a few more chapters. Heh!

SharonbReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/12/2017
IT's so good to see you writing again. And it's an interesting start to the story. I am sure that Aragorn or Arwen or both will end up helping solve the problems you've put forth in the first chapter of the story.

Author Reply: I've been writing this for months, but my time for writing is too limited any more. It is finished, so it will go up rather quickly, I hope.

And I suspect you are correct! Heh!

ibonekiReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/12/2017
The King's Commission is one of my all-time favorite fics, so what a delight to read a sort of offshoot from that. Excellent work as always, thank you so much for posting.

Author Reply: I oam honored, and I even managed to briefly bring Ruvemir into this one, you'll find! Hope it continues to satisfy.

MattReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/12/2017
Really interesting start. I have wondered privately whether the royals would have time to do as much charity work as you have them do in your story. That said, its certainly a good ideal for the wealthy and powerful to follow. Curious to see what you do next with this and thanks for your hard work on it so far.

Author Reply: This one is complete, and should go up rather quickly. I simply cannot imagine that Aragorn would be satisfied solely to serve as an administrator and warlord, but that he would willingly labor with the healers when allowed and occasionally among the poor in some way that people would think both safe for him and seemly. And after seeing the picture RS9 did, this story began insisting it be written in detail.

Thanks so, Matt.

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/12/2017
A wonderful start to a new story. Just what I need at present. I am intrigued by this look at fourth age Gondor and I love the 'pay it forward' concept in action.
I am feeling very much like your Sam and Rosie just now except that my Dad does not have the option of going 'by ship!' I will email you if you don't mind and if I can find your address again.
Any way, Utopia after devastation. I pray the same welcome for many of your Countrymen and women.

Author Reply: I doubt that even Minas Tirith would ever be perfect, but under the King and Queen's influence it ought to have become a very desirable place to live. Good administrators tend to lead to good institutions over which they rule, or such has been my experience both in dealing with principals and business associates, not to mention those who have headed caregiving services I've worked in for the last decade or so.

Your father is in my prayers, as are you and the animals. I know how hard it is to watch one you love die by inches.

FreyalynReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/12/2017
Hurray! A new story, and lots of extra detail about Gondor in the rule of the King. I shall look forward to more of this.

Author Reply: It's complete, so it shouldn't take too long to get posted.

KathyGReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/12/2017
I hope that Aragorn and Arwen themselves will help Andred! I'm sure that they could help her make a new start in Minas Tirith.

Author Reply: And I am certain that you are right, Kathy. Thanks so!

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