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Flight of the Dunedain  by Halrohir Haladanion 3 Review(s)
MattReviewed Chapter: 6 on 1/6/2018
Nice job on this chapter. I tend toward the thought to take an extra day for rest but see both sides of the argument. Thanks for your hard work on this, looking forward to the next installment.

Author Reply: Thank you so much for the review!

Many things are about to happen at once, so stay tuned!

AranadhelReviewed Chapter: 6 on 1/6/2018
Well written.

Please, I hope to see a few Rivendell Elves soon of your creation to meet the Dunedain.

Le hannon.

Happy New Year!

Author Reply: Thank you so much for the reply!

Spoilers... ;)

KathReviewed Chapter: 6 on 1/6/2018
Really enjoying this new story. You have chosen an interesting idea, looking at the fate of the Rangers families when the main force left to aid Aragorn.
Liking your young Ranger hero and look forward to the developing relationship between him and Blackfoot.

Author Reply: Thank you for the review!

I thought of this line of pondering years ago, but it fell away and I never pursued it, until the story was recovered. Now, at last, I can share it with all!

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