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Sunrise Over Ivrin  by Narya 1 Review(s)
BMReviewed Chapter: 1 on 4/11/2018
good one shot!

And one thing that prompted me to comment: I love your point that the power trapped in the Silmarils could not have been the light of the trees; on that I completely agree, despite the arguments I've heard otherwise. I don't care if the Valar hallowed them; those jewels seemed to corrupt the hearts of all who were involved with them, from the elves, to the dwarves, men, and even the Valar themselves. They seemed to bring lust and mistrust into the hearts of any who had them, and I can't be convinced they were pure and holy. Perhaps they were corrupted by Feanor's own pride, perhaps somehow the light of the trees was corrupted when trapped within their facets, but they certainly were not holy or pure!

I've felt the same way about the Arkenstone......

Anyway, thank you for sharing! Finrod is my favorite 1st Age character, and the most tragic; I really felt that his loss was a great, great blow for the elven peoples into the ages to come. I can imagine how differently elven and human and dwarven relations might have been if he had survived into the second age.

Author Reply: Thank you so much!

Yeah, the idea that Feanor trapped some pretty light from some super-special trees doesn't cut it for me either. There was definitely something else in there, a different kind of power - something darker and wilder. I am of the view that Feanor trapped a part of his soul in there, with all the flawed beauty that entails, but in my 'verse Feanor is something more powerful than just a talented Noldo.

I agree about the Arkenstone; on and off I've toyed with the idea that it might even be a Silmaril, but eventually concluded it (probably) wasn't. I play with that a little bit in another fic, Pilgrim Through This Barren Land. It could possibly be another Noldorin treasure, though, hence its power and pull...

I love Finrod too; his fate is one of the saddest of all the Silm protaganists (I think Maglor's may be sadder, either wandering the earth for all eternity or fading tragically away over time...on balance I prefer the former!).

"I can imagine how differently elven and human and dwarven relations might have been if he had survived into the second age." - ooh, now that's an interesting idea! Now you've got me wanting to write an AU...

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