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My Drabbles from Tolkien Weekly  by Mirkwoodmaiden 3 Review(s)
shireboundReviewed Chapter: 23 on 3/25/2021
She looked out to the open water allowing it to fill her soul. This she would take with her. To him.

That's very lovely, and quite moving.

Author Reply: Shirebound!

Thanks! I was just imagining what would it like to leave the seaside that you have known all your life and travel to another life. As you can probably tell I do love the ocean.

Thanks for taking the time to write!

Stay Safe, Mellon nin!



LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 23 on 3/25/2021
Does she see the sea in …omerís eyes in quiet moments in Rohan, I wonder? Does she hear the steady murmur of the waves in his breathing as she watches him sleep?

((hugs)) May this find you and yours well.

Author Reply: Lindelea!

What a lovely image! I will say yes, she does! I like it!!



LarnerReviewed Chapter: 23 on 11/29/2020
A fine gift she takes with her to her new life. Thank you for this series.

Author Reply: Larner!

You're welcome. I did really like now this series of drabbles turned out. I love the sea and imagined that Lothiriel would have a strong connection to it but her love for Eomer would be stronger. And unlike her unfortunate Aunt Finduilas she would thrive away from her seaside home. Eomer would love her all the long days of his life.

Thanks for all the reviews today. So happy you liked my drabbles!

Hope you and your family are safe and well.

Stay Safe, Mellon Nin!



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