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And Where Are the Children?  by Larner 2 Review(s)
MirkwoodmaidenReviewed Chapter: 4 on 12/22/2020

Such a relief that the children have been found. Onto the next chapter! :-)


Author Reply: Yes, they are found, and all will be right with the world once more for them.

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 4 on 11/27/2020
And when my Aunt Dora visited us, the stars forbid any utensil should be even slightly out of place.

Stars forbid indeed! :)

I like the simple description of the King as "the best of Men". For the hobbits who believe in the King, knowing that will be a relief.

Author Reply: After all, we all tend to think of Dora as a Stickler for Propriety and Proper Decorum, right? Heh!

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