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Horse Lady of Rohan  by Mimi Lind 1 Review(s)
sueReviewed Chapter: 44 on 3/7/2021
I am really enjoying this. I think you should re-think the number of leagues the company travels each day though. One league is 5.5 kilometers/3.5 miles. I don't think even the best horse on the best ground could travel 56 miles/93.5k a day. A horse with a rider can travel 25 to 35 miles a day. (40-52k). Mearas are good. But not THAT good.

Author Reply: Glad you enjoy it!

About distances: I've used sources about medieval warfare for calculating distances and travel speed. There was a historic case during a war, where they traveled 70 miles in one night, changing horses mid-way. But the norm was around 30 miles per day.

Thranduil's company has spare pack horses to change into, and the horses get strong food in the hostels, oats and stuff. :) But yes, it's a lot. They all are longing to get to the comforts of the city, probably! Who wouldn't, after camping so long.

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