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The Struggle Nought Availeth  by perelleth 1 Review(s)
AldwenReviewed Chapter: 6 on 8/18/2023
Thank you for this beautiful story! You have perfectly captured the sadness and hope of the Second Age. I liked the characters, too, and will definitely read more of what you have written. I love when individual stories of the same author reference each other; this is very much in spirit of Tolkien's own style.

Author Reply: Thanks to you, Aldwen, for taking the time and letting me know. It is always good to know someone is enjoying the same things. I, too, love how wide and deep Tolkien's sandbox is. I've written about the walls of the Grey Havens and the ceremonies for seeing off those departing in different stories along the years, and I only came up with their origins this late. But in trying to be true to Tolkien's world, a fanfic writer also has the joy of consistency. Thanks for your words!

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