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This and That  by Lindelea 197 Review(s)
Connie B.Reviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/16/2005
Amazing what being over-tired can do to some people, especially if that person has a tendancy to be a bit hyper to start with.

This story really shows how much the Quest changed our young Pippin. It's sad in a way that he grew up so fast, but I like the person he became so much.

Sorry I didn't review this on the Challenge 14 sight. I haven't been up to my usual standards the last couple of weeks. There's been a bug going around, and jsut when I thought I was over it, it made a return visit. Now I just hope I can pull it together to write my Challenge 15 story.

I wish I'd read this sooner.


Connie B.

Author Reply: Poor thing, I hope you're well over your bug by now. I just seem to keep catching different ones--one after the other.

I have been at that level of exhaustion, one of a group of young teens, all of us very silly after paddling-and-portaging through the wilderness for a number of days. It's the sort of thing that makes people put a "safety" rope around their waists to play in a waterfall... probably not something our counselors would have done, had *they* not been in the same state. And then to lie on the shore of an island in the middle of a pristine lake, after all the gear is tucked under the overturned canoes and dinner is eaten and everything washed up... calling back and forth with the loons across the water, while the stars come out and the Northern Lights dance. Whew.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/16/2005
Is 'dippy as a Took' a new simile in the Shire?

Although, apart from wallowing in a pig sty, I can see why Pippin is so excited. Everything else emphasises the difference between hobbits and elves - but they both have pigs. But I do think Pippin's reaction suggests he might have found and eaten some magic mushrooms as well as the more normal sort!

So, then, Lindelea - how did Pippin and Merry convince the august Elf Lord that they were up to the task?

Author Reply: LOL, is that a plot bunny I see before me?

You're spot on with why Pippin is so excited. Exhausted, exhilarated (how DOES one spell that word?), and not a little homesick. Ummm, with the exception, perhaps, of the magic mushrooms.

Dippy as a Took? Hmm, there's got to be some sort of Middle-earthish way to say that.

CitrineReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/15/2005
I've been kicking myself for not reviewing this at Marigold's site, and then when I finally stop procrastinating, live journal crashes in a heap, taking what seems like half the internet with it. So here I am:)
I found this quite hilarious. Drogo and Bilbo are so charmingly male and oblivious, then Drogo faints! Hah! It's a good thing Bilbo kept his cool when our future Ringbearer made his sudden entrance. And yet I can see more serious underlying subtext here, that maybe Primula's family weren't too happy with her choice of husband, that she had married somewhat below her station. I always got the feeling in LOTR that the Baggins clan were 'quality', but were considered kind of slightly down-at-the-heels gentry. Poor Drogo must feel like he has a lot to make up for.

Author Reply: So glad that your conscience drove you to leave a review. There now, doesn't that feel better?

Y'know, it's funny, I never quite had a handle on Drogo's station, except that he spent a great deal of time at his father-in-law's table... which I guess said something to me. After all, if he were as well-to-do as the Brandybucks surely he'd have his own reputation for a table! The story just sort of wrote itself this way, that Drogo's family was "gentry" but had lost their money, and that Primula left her station to marry him, and yet in moving to the Bywater area she was in the curious position of being looked *down* on for being a Bucklander...

I'm rambling, so I'd better quit, but thanks for the review!

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/15/2005
Bilbo coped surprisingly well for an old bachelor. It's amazing the panache you pick up when adventuring with a wizard.

Author Reply: Amazing, really. Wonder if Gandalf every had to do any emergency deliveries?

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/4/2004
Music? With breakfast? I can think of a lot of people who wouldn't much appreciate that - and not just hung-over harpers! Gandalf, for one. ('Mithrandir. My frowns can’t hold a candle to his!') Any visiting dwarves. Bilbo, on the other hand, would glory in it - and so will Sam, eventually.

‘It is better suited to perching in a tree, I think.’ What a gorgeous dig that is. And the vision of dawning understanding and cringing embarrassment - and the knowledge that would live with an elf for a very very long time. One of those office party moments.

I wonder who the harper was talking to. An elf of the Golden Wood? In Bilbo's old age. H'mm. Good tale.

Author Reply: "One of those office party moments" -- perfect summation!

It's fun to speculate about whom the elf of the Golden Wood was...


LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/2/2004
This one has me flat out laughing with the image of the hung-over Elven harper. Lovely!

Author Reply: Thanks! I appreciate the feedback you've been leaving on the shorter pieces whilst I try to wrestle the longer ones back into submission... Somehow feedback, even on an unrelated story, gives me motivation to keep hacking away.

And your own story has 12 chapters now! And here I am with no time to read.

Ah, well, There's *got* to be a weekend coming up that isn't booked solid.

Thanks again!

BeruthielReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/2/2004
Very cute!

I did wonder how such dignified Elves could be singing "Tra-la-la-lally". Not quite what one would expect from wise creatures thousands of years old, is it? I like your explanation of that odd behaviour.

Ever wonder what's in that wine?

Author Reply: I have on occasion wondered what was in the wine... imagine wine strong enough to make an Elf climb a tree and sing like a bird. Or forget his duty to his king! (D'you think Thranduil's chief butler lost his job?)


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