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First Sight  by Bodkin 22 Review(s)
pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/20/2006
Ithilden on a day out with Eilian and friends. Seems the Celuwen likes him as well as a few others.
Very cute when eilian would tell him to "Do it again". Eilian has a joy of life here, and its nice to see him enjoying the moment. Nice to see Alfirin there as well, what an interesting combination...


Author Reply: Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. Eilian must have been a real live wire as a little elfling - and I suspect that at this age he was sure that his big brother and his adar could do anything .... Later, of course, he rather resented that they could do anything and all he was supposed to do was obey.

Ithilden would have enjoyed playing with the elflings, I think - just, maybe, not for too long! He would have been secretly relieved to hand them back to their mothers! But it is good to see him having fun - even if he had to convince himself that that's what it was!

nessieReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/19/2006
How very sweet! Grown-up Ithilden making a crown of flowers for his bride-to-be (no matter how little she is at the moment). Hmm, I wonder if the respective mothers had foreseen anything at that moment.

This was a wonderful story. I'm assuming the little elflings are around 4 in human terms, and this makes it even cuter, because Eilian does not see big-brother as anything other than someone who keeps him entertained. I loved seeing Ithilden playing with the elflings.

I especially loved this part:

‘That was not a very sensible thing to do, Eilian,’ he said reproachfully. ‘You might have hurt your friend.’

‘Do it again!’ Eilian demanded, the grin on his face so wide that it looked as if the top of his head was in danger of falling off and his bright eyes shining with admiration. ‘Gelmir did not see you properly – let him throw a stone, Ithilden, and do it again!’

Oh, that part was classic, and so very much like Eilian.

I'm really glad you wrote this, I'm in love with daw's universe and characters. Spectacular!


Author Reply: Ithilden had to have been acquainted with Alfirin - even if he never paid much attention to her until that fateful day! It would be nice to think that a couple of maternal eyebrows were raised - but I don't think so. Not at this point. I reckon the elflings are between 3 and 5 in human terms, with Eilian's little bunch around the 4 mark. Ithilden is definitely just the big brother who can be fun when he's not worrying about pointless things like dirt!

I was thinking about Gelmir and Celuwen and their attitudes. I reckon Gelmir is affected by his warrior adar's respect for Ithilden and holds back a bit - while Solith, as we know, is rather more determined to be unimpressed. By everything.

And if your big brother can do anything, then of course he can do wild acrobatics and stop you braining your friend.

Thank you. I loved writing this. Daw's characters are just great.

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/18/2006
What a riot, Bodkin. The image of bedraggled, muddy Ithilden playing hide-and-seek with a gaggle of elflings, with Celuwen gnawing on his leg! Oh lord. Eilian is in fine form, too. A fine little terror. I enjoyed the difference in Ithilden's perception of him and Lorellin's. They both see his wild side, but as Thranduil's clone, Ithilden doesn't identify with it like Lorellin does. It's so sad when we see her sons through her eyes, and all that she wants for them, knowing she won't survive to see it all come to pass. The line about perhaps having a daughter like Alfirin someday was priceless - but again, a little sad. Overall though, Ithilden had a wonderful day. He should listen to his nana and have more of them.

Author Reply: I would have loved to see Ithilden through Calith's eyes here. I think he was very noble not to laugh - even though Ithilden knew he wanted to. You're right - Lorellin craved to bring out the inner child in Ithilden, but he was always busy wanting to assume far more responsibility than anyone wanted to heap on him. But it was excellent that he was able to give his son more space to grow up than he took himself - or allowed Eilian. I wonder if Lorellin would have been able to channel Eilian more easily - she definitely understood him better. Although, having said that, I think Thranduil and Ithilden did come to a clear understanding of his good points, even though his wilder side drove them mad. In some ways, Legolas was the salvation of the lot of them. His need drew them all together and made them back into a family.

It is sad that Lorellin won't get to see Ithilden's awkward courtship - she would have thoroughly enjoyed it, even as she coaxed him through it. But this was a good day for Ithilden ... even if unexpectedly dangerous.

AliceReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/18/2006
First things first: Happy birthday Daw! Lucky us that Bodkin's posted her present for you so that we can all enjoy it. This was so cute Bodkin. Hee. I love Ithilden around his mother, I really do. It's one of the few times when he's not in control. Though he thinks he is. He's so cute. Him playing with Little Eilian is also adorable. There were many adorable moments in this actually. Chief among them Ithilden making daisy chains with the little girls, among them his future wife. Think that embarrassed our endearingly awkward troop commander later?

This was such a cute, touching story. I LOVE seeing Lorellin, bittersweet as it is. I feel so sad for her family because she was so good for them. (sigh) Ah well, at least we know that she gets reunited with Thranduil and the gang in the Blessed Realm. You did a great job with Daw's characters.

Author Reply: Thank you! Ithilden was very badly hurt when his mother died, I think. He just showed it less than Eilian and Legolas. Thank goodness he notice Alfirin when he did - she healed him better than anything else could have done. Although I dread to think how they both coped when Sinnarn ....

I wonder if Ithilden realised later that Alfirin had been one of those ellyth ... Probably - he knew she was Gwaleniel's daughter. But he didn't have Naneth around to remind him - gleefully - of the occasion.

One of the nicest things with elves is that you can hope for happy reunions in the west. Daw has had thoughts in the past about Turgon - and Galelas. I wonder what Legolas would think of them when they return... I think he might well find he has little in common with Turgon as an adult, but Galelas and he might well find a better understanding. I'm glad you liked the story - it was great fun playing with Daw's characters.

thechevinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/17/2006
Oh this was a real delight some of my favourite characters written by one of my favourite writers.
I do so love Daw's universe and miss her writing so this was a treat and to see the family so happy with Lorellin makes it all the sweeter.
All of those characters you see as adults seen here in their innocent youth and even Ithilden was persauded to relax a little under his Naneth's influence, how she must have been missed when she died
Lovely thank you, and happy birthday to Daw for Friday

Author Reply: Thank you. I do love Daw's world - her characters are so delightful and I love them all. (Well, except, perhaps for Tinar and his parents!) I could read about them for ever - completely regardless of whether there are any canon characters involved or not!

All these lovely elflings of around the same age together - it's a goldmine for stories, really. And Ithilden came in, perhaps, a little too sure of himself and on his dignity. His naneth does like making him take off his troop commander's hat and release the Wood elf within. Child-minding is certainly enough to show him that he has his limits!

French PonyReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/17/2006
Awww. . . Ithilden makes such a good straight man. I love how Lorellin likes setting him up. She does know her boys inside and out. And here comes the elder Terrible Trio, sharp-toothed elleth and all! Celuwen really is a fun little girl, although one can see why Ithilden would prefer Alfirin. He's much more the daisy-chain-making type, which would embarrass him mightily if his troops ever found out.

Not that they don't know already, of course.

Author Reply: Poor Ithilden. There's nothing like somebody who expected to be dignified ... they do make particularly good straight men. I think Lorellin would love to shake off some of his certainty - she's been trying to interest him in maidens, but sadly will miss out on the fun of seeing him lose all control over himself as he tries to get to know Alfirin better!

I reckon Solith's daughter would have no automatic respect for the troop commander ... and she's already protective of Eilian. Yes, I can see Ithilden enjoying making daisy-chains. They do as they're told. (I hope he and Alfirin have a daughter when they are settled in the west. They deserve a sweet little girl ... Of course, they'll probably get a termagent.)

sofiaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/17/2006
oh that was delightful. I was laughing out loud when Eilian was wiggling his 'little bottom' and when Celuwen bit Ithilden's leg. Great story.

Author Reply: Thank you! Ithilden is a bit out of his depth when confronted with elfling logic - he certainly never expected to be bitten by a protective elleth. Or to tumble in the stream. He has learned that his dignity is unlikely to survive undamaged, though!

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/17/2006
I am howling with laughter here! Ithilden playing with elflings - I love it. The boisterous ellon and their games, soaking wet after Eilian's stunt... I think Ithilden was better off with the ellyth, making daisy chains! Easier to direct them. He was just so out of his league and his Naneth teasing him was priceless. This was fun. Celuwen biting him on the leg, LOLOL. Oh yeah.

This is barely coherent, running off to work. I have to read this again when I get home.

Author Reply: Thank you! I can just see Ithilden - serious, sensible, organised, in-control Ithilden - being putty in the hands of elflings. Especially little ellyth, somehow. I reckon he would try to manage Eilian and his friends like undersized novices (although he might come off poorly in any attempt to impose reason), but the little ellyth would humour him. And Celuwen wasn't going to let him torment Eilian!

I was having interesting thoughts about Celuwen and Gelmir and their attitudes towards authority. Gelmir - his father is a warrior and doubtless respects Ithilden and Thranduil and Gelmir has absorbed his feeling that they have authority (- and it's not just his constant trouble in Eilian's company that has made him wary of I and T). Celuwen, on the other hand, it Solith's daughter. No respect comes without qualification - it all has to be earned, and earned each time. She's polite (mostly), but not impressed.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/17/2006
Oh, another one. I'm so happy!

The first paragraph made me laugh. Ithilden is so bossy. His mother is farther from the stronghold than he thinks wise. LOL. Shut up, kid. Your wise mother thought of things like having you meet other children outside the palace. Poor Ithilden. Being a child didn't come easy to him. It's touching that his mother sees him as organized but also sees his fundamental sweetness.

Lovely little scene of the boys splashing and the little girls frowning at them. And how funny that Ithilden gets assigned the child watching duties! He's not the first person who comes to my mind for that, but he's very good with them.

And of course, Alfirin, Celuwen, Siondel and Gelmir are all there because I made them all the same age. Children of the peace, they are. Celuwen amused me by announcing she'd have a sword too. Turns out Ithilden was right that she didn't want a sword as an adult, but I'm not so sure she ever lost her inclination for 'unsuitable behavior.' On the other hand, so far as I know, she never bit anyone as adult! Unless they wanted to be bit, of course. :-)

This was truly lovely, Bodkin. The people felt real and their small doings helped weave the connections and consequences that would be their lives. Thank you so much for this gift.

Author Reply: Happy Birthday, Daw!!! I hope you don't mind me dipping my toes into your world. It was, I must say, great fun.

Ithilden has a bit of a tendency to Know Best, I've always found - although it comes from the sweet and protective side of his personality. And he is always serious about everything - how can his mother possibly show greater wisdom when she's always talking about enjoying yourself and taking time to see the beauty of the world? He needed to meet friends on their own terms - where they could accept him into their world. And, even then, I doubt he found making friends easy.

I reckon Lorellin would enjoy throwing Ithilden in at the deep end. Not just Eilian, but a dozen elflings. And wanting to do a dozen different things, too. Elowen is there, too - she's the one with the braid of soft brown. I tried to get her name in, but it just sounded artificial. Celuwen might not have ended up with a sword, but she was very good at throwing knives! And independent enough not to follow all the rules. She did outgrow biting, though - except for pleasure.

I'm glad you liked it, Daw. It was great fun to play with all these little elflings - and I'm glad Ithilden decided to enjoy himself in the end.

GwynhyffarReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/17/2006
This was delightful! I love Ithilden, and his mother looking forward to him playing with someone he can't control was wonderful! Of course, Celuwen being the real terror was priceless. He though Eilian the worst of the lot! His thoughts at the end about naneths dealing with their little terrors had me rolling. How he underestimates his mother!

Great story, Bodkin!

Author Reply: Ithilden does like things to go according to plan ... It's what made his courtship such a delight. (And Thranduil was very kind not to laugh at him. I suspect Lorellin would have been in stitches once Ithilden was out of earshot.) Exposure to Eilian would have prepared him more for the delights of Sinnarn.

Gelmir would never have attempted to rescue Eilian from Ithilden, I think. His father is a warrior and Ithilden is the troop commander! Solith, on the other hand, is far too independent-minded to consider that worthy of respect on its own - maybe his attitude had passed on to his daughter!

He does underestimate Lorellin - she's light-hearted and impulsive and can be a bit headstrong (does she sound as if she's related to Eilian?) but she's clever - and can see further into a brick wall than most!

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

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