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The Archives Incident  by Dreamflower 35 Review(s)
Baggins BabeReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 1/24/2008
"They are hobbits. The more people whom they can feed, the better they like it." My thoughts exactly!

I have often wondered whether Aragorn ever got to hear this poem and I was thrilled to discover this story. I loved Imrahil's description of how it came to be in the archives (and as an archivist I know what sort of things can turn up there!) and this made me howl, "......... so I did what any little brother would have done: I opened the door, and offered a bit of literary criticism."
I'll bet he did! The idea of Faramir's auntie as a fangirl..........! :-)
Brilliant, as always.

Author Reply: Yes, indeed! I cannot imagine any hobbits being comfortable with the idea of having a meal while someone else stood outside their door and did without. And they'd assume the guards were hungry, whether they actually were or not, LOL!

I'd intended to write the follow-up at some point, but Shirebound gave me the nudge to do it sooner rather than later. I'd always known this was the backstory that I wanted for the poem, but I had to get in and do the research before I knew if it was canonically possible.

All the stories I've read with "Aunt Ivriniel" have depicted her as rather staid and prim, so I thought it would be funny if she was a bit of a "fangirl", as you say, in her youth!

AndreaReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 1/24/2008
All of Gondor sang his praise,
But he was humble always.

Oh dear, dreadful indeed :)

But I can understand how a girl of seventeen who fell in love with the handsome Thorongil can be driven to write such a poem!

I have a little brother myself. It's the same age difference, eight years. And so I can very well imagine how things went. Imrahil was really a rascal!

Like Aragorn I think that any poem, how dreadful it might be, that makes Frodo happy, is a good thing and should be endured ;-)

Author Reply: Yes, it's pretty awful, isn't it? And a lot of work to *get* it that way!!

I think she was pretty smitten with him--and so the poetry!

Little brothers and big sisters--it's pretty much the same dynamic the world over, no matter what the race or culture, little brother thinks big sister and all that "mushy stuff" is fair game for teasing!

And it was worth it to him to see Frodo smiling!

Queen GaladrielReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 1/24/2008
ROTFL! Ahahahahaha...oh my, poor Aragorn...*giggles* I'm so glad you finally did this! I really, really needed a laugh this afternoon, and all the better if I could get that and a Hobbity fix at the same time. Oh dear me! *wipes away mirthful tears* And Imrahil's sister wrote it! Even better! I love the end, so sweet!
God bless,

Author Reply: Well, my dear, I am so glad I gave you a laugh! (((hugs)))

Yes, poor Aragorn!

Imrahil's sister is the dreadful poet, poor girl! That's what I'd had in the back of my mind for it all along. *sneaky smirk*

KittyReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 1/24/2008
You wrote an epilogue! Yay! Just what I wanted!

It is so completely in character that the Hobbits feed Aragorn's guards, too. They couldn't conceive why they should not be allowed to eat on duty.

Honestly, of all the ways this poem could have ended up in the Archives, that's most definitely the last one I'd ever imagined! *Ivriniel* wrote it, and Imrahil stole it and hid it in the Archives? *LOL* No wonder it was ... ahem ... not the best piece of poetry ever! And thinking about how poor Aragorn would have reacted if a lovesick Ivriniel had wailaid him to declaim this poem ... *ROFL*

so I did what any little brother would have done: I opened the door, and offered a bit of literary criticism And of course, nine-year-old Imrahil was the perfect literature critic! *snicker*

Oh well, it may have been a bit embarassing for Aragorn, but he's so right - to see Frodo so merry is worth more than a bit of embarassment! And the one who would have been most embarassed was not there anyway - the author of this questionable piece of poetry!

Thank you so much for this fun - I'm still grinning from ear to ear!

Author Reply: Yes, thank Shirebound for that! I had not really intended to write it quite yet, but when she requested it from my time-stamp meme, I couldn't resist!

Of *course* they'd feed the guards! What respectable hobbit wants a hungry person standing outside their door? LOL!

*grin* This is the backstory I'd had for the poem all along. I've never really written Ivriniel, but I have to confess from my own reading of those who have, she has always seemed to be depictied as rather staid--so I thought it was funny to imagine her as young and susceptible, and sort of fangirling poor Thorongil--and you are absolutely right--that's exactly what she wanted to do with that poem! I seriously doubt that Thorongil would have hung around long if he had realized the teenaged Princess of Dol Amroth had developed a passion for him!

Well, as much as any nine-year-old brother--at least he knew that "dread" and "raid" don't rhyme! *snerk*

It was a bit embarrassing for him, but yes, he was glad to see Frodo happy. And at least Frodo and Menelcar had enough sense not to spring it on him in front of the full court!

And I'm very glad to have brought you a smile.

elanor winterflowersReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 1/24/2008
I always liked Prince Imrahil. Very good instincts!


Author Reply: Indeed, yes! He does know what rhymes, anyway, LOL!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 1/24/2008
Oh, but this is such terribly awful rhyme! Poor Ivriniel! And Imrahil ran away with it and hid it in the archives? Hehehehehehehehehe! Oh, but this is SO excellent. Poor Aragorn! No wonder he's red in the face! And this is as bad as the Dwarven phrase I had him spouting after all of Bodkin's jokes at the expense of the brother's El! So good to see Frodo pulling such a prank on poor Aragorn! And Aragorn's being such a good sport about it!


Author Reply: You have no idea how terrible! It's *hard* to write something *deliberately* bad, LOL!

Yes, poor Ivriniel! Just at that age to be smitten with the romantic and mysterious Captain, and Imrahil at just that age to be a most annoying younger brother!

I'm sure when Aragorn thinks it over, he'll be retroactively grateful to Imrahil for making off with that poem. Can you imagine if he'd had to fend off Ivriniel's possible attentions, without offending her or her father? *snerk*

I think that Aragorn counts any chance to bring a smile to Frodo's face as worth the price--especially if it's only a little embarrassment.

I'm glad you liked it!

TiggerReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 1/23/2008
Oh!! I re read this just the other night and was wondering if we'd ever see Aragorn hearing Menelcar's version of that poen. This was perfect!!

However, the sister of Imrahil I thought would have written that was a certain then future Lady of the Steward. This still was excellent though and what a wonderful baby brother, although he didn't know it at the time, Imrahil was for hiding where he knew no one would look for it. Leave it to Pippin to find. :snicker:

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!! :oD

Author Reply: Well, I had not planned to do it so soon, but thanks to Shirebound's request, I did it much earlier than anticipated.

By the timeline I was considering, Finduilas would have only been about four or five years old--a teensy bit too young to be writing purple poetry!

Grey WondererReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 1/23/2008
I love a happy Frodo and Frodo did enjoy this little bit of teasing. Also good to see more of Menelcar again. Lovely! Frodo should have more moments like this.

Author Reply: He should, shouldn't he? I like seeing Frodo happy, too, especially post-Quest. And according to JRRT he really did not begin to go downhill until his first Weathertop anniversary. So in Minas Tirith, I think he was *mostly* pretty happy--though of course, he also had his bad days...

And I love to have a chance to show Menelcar!

AntaneReviewed Chapter: 1 on 4/29/2007
This is one of the reasons I love Frodo so much - he is one of us, a scribe and reader. He was definitely in heaven in that archive until he saw hell and then got locked in with rats! :( The poor dears, but they had each other. Like all the hobbity love of course. :)

Namarie, God bless, Antane

Author Reply: Yes, he certainly was enjoying the archives! But he and Pippin *did* have one another and their own courage and ingenuity!

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/23/2007
Ooo, suspenseful beginning.

Pippin was bored, and not at all averse to accompanying Frodo, especially with the incentive of stopping at an ale-house on the way back.
Ah. That's our Pip. (And our Frodo.)

Dreadful poetry!

Just like Cousin Bilbo! Hoorah! (Shaking my head in amusement, too.)

Aha. Feeling very curious, along with Pippin. (Peers at ancient, dusty manuscript, trying to make sense of the faded lines.)

and the room was fairly silent except for the rustle of parchment, and the occasional sound of one of them blowing dust away.
Lovely bit of detail, puts the reader right into the scene.

(You know, I was thinking of Gandalf, going through the old records, and wondering if it was him who left the scrolls there, to grow dusty over the passing of years.)scrol

Hobbits cooking together!

Nice use of carrots to convey Merry's emotion.

Rats! (shudder)

So glad to see Menelcar. Good man.

Hoorah! Rescue!

Humor me.

The other document! *g* (Such presence of mind.)

Nicely done. Glad I ran across it and had a bit of spare time to comment.

Author Reply: I'm glad you did too! I love the way you pick your favorite bits out when you review! *grins and preens*

The second I thought of the Archives as a setting, I got to wondering about that scroll Gandalf found. It seemed obvious to me that *at that point in time* with the War heating up for Minas Tirith, and Denethor beginning to rely not on written records, but the palantir, that the Archives were probably neglected for a few years to say the least.

This was a heap of fun to write. Dana always gives me the coolest bunnies!

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