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Lady in Waiting  by Bodkin 24 Review(s)
RadbooksReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/24/2007
This was wonderfully done. I really enjoyed seeing Celebrian with all of the different relatives she has in Valinor. I think that Finrod definitely would have the most connection with her after all that he had suffered. Nice done!

Author Reply: The family trees are so complex! While also being quite inter-related! Elrond being Finrod's first cousin's great grandson as well as his sister's daughter's husband ...

I think Finrod would be a great help to her - as one whose spirit has been purified by its passage through the Halls of Mandow and as one who understands both being put to torment and the joy of life east of the sea.

Thank you Radbooks. Sorry about the delay. I seem to be constantly distracted at the moment!

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/23/2007
As you know, I don't read much in the realm of Elves. Not enough time in the day to be familiar with all aspects of M-e, I fear. But I know just enough to follow the thread of this story.

Beautifully done. There is a rhythm to this story, a rising and falling, or perhaps I should just say "rising", subtly executed. Healing... and healing... and healing again.

Author Reply: Thank you, Lindelea. Poor Celebrian and Elrond. There must have been times when both wondered whether death would have been preferable. But she would have had all the help available to her - and being in the Blessed Realm would have helped. Elrond will need Celebrian when he reaches the white shores.

I'm glad you liked it.

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/23/2007
This was lovely, Bodkin. How perfect that Finrod was the one to help Celebrian heal and become whole again. And prepare herself to heal her own beloved. I can't think of a more perfect topic for a story for Nilmandra's birthday.

Author Reply: Having Finrod rather in mind at the moment, he seemed a perfect person to offer support to Celebrian - understanding the torment, but having had his wounds healed by Namo.

Thank you, meckinock. I started a more racy Elrond/Celebrian story - but they just didn't want to say any more!

BMReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/23/2007
you can't stop there! I want to know what happens when Elrond and Galadriel finally arrive! Please, write a sequel! :D

Great job! I really enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing it!

Author Reply: H'mm... Never say never - but I'm not planning more right now! I'm glad you enjoyed this enough to want a sequel. Sorry to be so slow replying. Thank you, BM.

EllieReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/23/2007
Wonderful story of healing, renewed strength and hope. It is good to see Celebrian recover to the extent that she can be strong for Elrond when the time comes. Loved your use of the extended family in the healing process and their obvious love for her. Nicely done!

Author Reply: Thanks, Ellie. I'm glad you liked it. I think it's a good thing that elves could take their time to recover - and that Uncle Finrod was around to understand what his niece had endured.

Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/23/2007
Lovely, lovely story. Thank you.

Author Reply: Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it.

GwynhyffarReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/23/2007
That was beautiful and I cried most of the way through it! I think you really captured Celebrian's struggle without being sappy. I like how she knew Arwen's fate before being told. Mothers know these things!

Happy Birthday, Nilmandra!

Author Reply: Thank you, Gwynhyffar. I think Celebrian might well have known in her heart that Arwen wasn't the Evenstar and the image of Luthien for nothing. She would have been happy to find she was wrong - but knowing the outcome prepared her to support Elrond through his feelings of failure and inadequacy, so I think it was best she knew.

And there's some advantage to having about 500 years to recover - it may be slow, but it's thorough and you'll emerge stronger for the experience. (Well, you will if you're Celeborn and Galadriel's daughter.)

It was a bit rushed in the writing - but I'm glad you liked it.

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/23/2007
Hmm.. if you call pointless the ending of the tale that was of the utmost importance to me in this glorious world of Tolkien's, then you are entirely too self-deprecating and I must argue vehemently! I loved this. I showed Elrond's side and always meant to write Celebrian's tale, but time and life is unlikely to permit it. Thank you, thaink you, for showing a glimpse of her side. I think she healed so she could be there to welcome Elrond and in turn, help him to heal the many losses of those last years. You do a wonderful portrayal of her and of Finrod, who I would also have used. This is a wonderful gift. Thank you!

Author Reply: Um. Perhaps it was really a bit more rushed than pointless. I ran out of time, lost inspiration on the story I was writing and did this instead - so I didn't get as long as I like to go over and add and refine. So I'm really pleased you like it. And you would have brought Finrod into her healing? It seemed so natural - one who had suffered even worse and returned to life among his family after his experiences in Namo's Halls ... particularly since the Finrod story has me thinking about him rather more at the moment anyway!!

A strong Celebrian there to welcome Elrond is so important, I think. He's worn thin and convinced he's letting Arwen and Aragorn down by abandoning them, even as he's a brittle as a piece of old glass and feeling as empty. He'll find himself again in Celebrian's care - but it will take time and patience ... and she knows it.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Happy birthday, Nilmandra, and many of them.

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/23/2007
Oh, Bodkin, what a lovely story. It was uplifting to see Celebrian go from a nearly transparent person to a whole one again. Finrod was the perfect choice for helping her mend a wounded spirit. He understood.

The end was particularly meaningful, I think. The struggle to return to wholeness after disaster is difficult. I liked the exchange between Celebrian and Finrod where they decided the rise from ruin was worth it.

As always, you've written a beautiful tale, touching and true.

Author Reply: I think Finrod might have just that more light in him - refined through sacrifice and suffering and distilled under Namo's eye. If anyone could draw Celebrian from the shadows, it would be him. You're right: he understood. And she is now ready to offer her shoulder to Elrond - and give him the time and understanding he needs to heal. She (and Finrod, probably) are the stronger for what they have endured - and neither expects perfection. Just the best they can do.

Thank you, Karen. It ended a bit rushed, because I actually shelved the story I was writing and did this instead. So I'm glad you liked it.)

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/23/2007
Lovely story, Bodkin. You do a great job of showing Celebrian's gradual recovery. I hadn't thought of it but it seems fitting that Finrod is the one to help her at first, given his recovered innocence and deepened wisdom. Celebrian is a strong person to have survived, deceptively so probably, so she confuses those around her. I'm so glad Elrond will soon be there and she's ready for him.

Author Reply: I suppose, thinking about Finrod for the other story, the link between the two seems more likely - and, as one who has been touched by shadow, the purity of an elf returned from the Halls of Waiting seems to offer a way out. Like Orpheus from the Underworld. Celebrian is an example of not needing to be a warrior to be a strong. Sort of the parallel to Eowyn's not needing to wield a sword to die on one.

I'm glad she will be there to greet Elrond - and help him heal.

Thank you, daw.

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