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Another Moment of your Time  by Larner 490 Review(s)
LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 95 on 11/26/2021
Oh, I'm so very very sorry. She was such a beautiful spirit. Words are so inadequate. Hugs to you all. Raising up prayers for comfort.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 95 on 11/23/2021
The details that you have woven into and around the narrative are wonderful, drawing me in and painting a clear picture. (Hooking her foot around the leg of the stool... I've done that sort of thing so many times without even thinking about it!) It was lovely to see Frodo at peace, even if it was the result of a prescient dream. Although I think that Sam would not be so comforted at the thought of his Master (and Brother) sailing away into the West...

And happily for Rosie, though Sam did sail in the end, it was after her death, so it was not the terrible rending that it might have been.

*hugs* Thank you for a lovely, soothing read after an impossibly busy stretch of work, four days in a row of working from noon until 3 or 4 a.m. I will be up well past midnight yet again tonight, but for a happier reason... picking up a loved one who is flying home for the holiday.

Author Reply: Am so glad this spoke so to you. I suspect Rosie had secret envious thoughts and concerns regarding Sam's relationship with Frodo, as well as fears he might follow Frodo away again but not return this time. To realize she would not endure that loss a second time would be a relief for her.

Pray for us--Bettina succumbed to a sudden illness this morning. An emergency room visit failed to save her. I am heartbroken.

AntaneReviewed Chapter: 95 on 10/13/2021
Glad he had some peace and you are here to report it! :) Hope you are as well as can be in these increasingly crazy times.

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

Author Reply:

Author Reply: Covid has made things more difficult, I must admit. I've enjoyed imagining what Frodo's dreams of peace might have been like. Thanks so, Antane.

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 95 on 10/11/2021
Hobbits, after all, were creatures of the earth that housed and fed them, with no love for that which is fluid and not answerable to foot or plow.

I've never heard the nature of hobbits described better. :)

Dear Rosie so in love with Sam, so grateful to 'Master' Frodo, and doing her best to comprehend wider concepts than her life had ever prepared her for. This is such a peaceful and loving scene.

Author Reply: I'm so glad you appreciated the description, Shirebound. The idea that Frodo would find images of the Sea comforting would be hard for Rosie to understand, or so I would suspect. But she would appreciate anything that brings Sam's Master peace.

Thanks so!

KatReviewed Chapter: 95 on 10/10/2021
I've been reading your stories for quite a while now and I always enjoy them. I really like the theme of peace in this one.

Thank you for posting.

Author Reply: And I am glad you enjoyed this, Kat. Thanks so!

KathyGReviewed Chapter: 94 on 10/10/2021
Nice! So, Frodo is able to use his star glass to communicate with his loved ones back in the Shire. I like that! =) And in his case, he was able to help Sam assist a family in desperate need.

Author Reply: Sorry to be so delayed responding. As I age it takes increasingly longer to get things done, or so it seems. I suspect Frodo wasn't granted much knowledge about life in the Shire, but that on occasion he was granted leave to intervene in a case of emergency.
I bet Frodo missed his old life at times.
Thanks so!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 94 on 10/10/2021
“The star’s moved,” Oslo called out, pointing to the place it now appeared to shine, high to the west of their current place.

“It’s atop the Hill now,” Frodo agreed. “Now it will lead us home.”

What a lovely story to read on this overcast morning. Thank you for celebrating Frodo (and the rest) in such a sweet way. Perhaps we'll peek in on little Starbright again sometime...? :)

Author Reply: Maybe we might see more of Starbright in the future. I never know any more. Heh!

AntaneReviewed Chapter: 94 on 1/24/2021
Beautiful story! Frodoandsam for President! We need a pro-life one like this.

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

Author Reply: You already know that I am able to see both sides to that issue. But this was a family looking forward to the birth of this child, who needed shelter when all began to unravel too soon. Frodo Baggins would not be allowed, I'd think, to focus too much on the life he'd left behind; but at times his need to see into the Shire would be indulged, when the Powers recognized he had both the overwhelming urge and there was a need for his intervention to see things put right.

I doubt, by the way, that either Frodo or Sam would wish the burdens of our nation's presidency. Dealing with the needs of their own small land must have seemed more than enough responsibility, there where it mostly took just good sense and an excellent ability to bring it out in others to set things into the proper pattern.

Thanks so, Antane. It is always so good to hear from you!

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 94 on 1/20/2021
Oh, such a lovely birthday present! I had tears in my eyes, reading it through. I love the New Year's customs, the first-footer, the bonfire, the (literal) hot pockets. The whispers in the night, wakening various people and setting them instantly to practical action (and no arguing against it on their part at all, it seems), and Sam instantly knowing and trusting his Master's voice. And the guiding starlight, bringing the travellers to a safe resting place, and guiding the rescuers there and back again - I'm sure the Lady was pleased to know her gift was so well-used.

“The Powers has their ways,” Sam said with a finality that forbade further discussion.
They certainly do!

I love the idea of Frodo in a far land, still fondly watching over those he loves.

Hugs, Lin

Author Reply: I'd considered expanding this some, with a dreamed conversation between Frodo and Sam, but felt it was better thus. Am so glad that this was so well received. God bless, and may we both do more writing this year! Can't wait until I'm allowed to go south once more. Am beginning to suffer from cabin fever!

FreyalynReviewed Chapter: 94 on 1/19/2021
How lovely, especially in the cold dark times we are living through.

Author Reply: Oh, how true! So glad you enjoyed it, Freyalyn. Thanks so!

Author Reply: Oh, how true! So glad you enjoyed it, Freyalyn. Thanks so!

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