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Choices  by Bodkin 16 Review(s)
Lydwina MarieReviewed Chapter: 1 on 4/8/2018
This is beautiful! Thank you for writing it!

EriolReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/30/2015
Elrond and Elros' story is such a beautiful and sad one and has so many shades and nuances. Many writers have written about this and I have enjoyed everyone's unique perception. I feel in your story, some resentment, and cynicism in Elrond. This is something not often written about but I think it would be reasonable to assume Elrond could feel somewhat dispirited by the whole thing - was Numemor and the line of Men really worth Elros's sacrifice and the sundering of the two brothers. Your's is an interesting take on how Elros saw themselves as perceived by the other elves. I have always wondered how the remnants of Doriath and Gondolin saw these two brothers, heirs of their kings, taking such a low profile in Gil-Galad's court. In a way I can understand why Elros would want to be a Man and thus be a King in his own right. Although death and the sundering of all things is a bitter draught. How poignant is Elrond's hope that maybe, when Time has ended, the children of Illuvatar may be gathered again. V

gginscReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/10/2015
I always thought fate was very cruel to Elrond. He endured much. The taking of his only daughter was the last straw. I think she should not have given up her immortality, but should have stayed with Aragorn until he died then sailed. But I suppose leaving her children behind would have been too hard.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/24/2015
I grieve I have delayed reading this for so long. So, in large part, I, too, have imagined this moment, believing the two of them will in the right time rejoin their parents and all will heal together. Elrond has known too many losses--it is time now to find hope for the future once more, now that Sauron is defeated and all others appear to find hope opening before them for what feels like the first time.

SoledadReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/12/2015
Oh, this is heartbreaking! I always found the choice offered to the Peredhil a cruel one because really, as you wrote, there is no way to choose and not cause pain. Elrond is one of the most tragic charcters of Tolkien's universe.

Author Reply: Thanks, Soledad. I'm glad the twins told their father they would join him. (In my mind, anyway.) I agree that the idea of a choice is cruel - and I think that Elros and Elrond had a rough start in life. Elrond had happy centuries, but I feel that the tragedies that studded them must have left him needing peace and security.

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/8/2015
You have hit on something that has bothered me throughout all of Tolkien's work. I know I touched on it a few times but it was very subtle: the meddling of the Valar in the lives of the elves. The decision to move them West, the decisions to give the half Elven the choice of their fate and I even included one of my own by having them allow Elladan to delay his choice after living in the west for a year. They were subtlety moving them where they wanted to go and not really giving them free will. You did a nice take on that, making it a much more forthright conversation.

The other losses are so real, the bringing of Aragorn into their lives and of course then losing Arwen . They half-elven were really used for any purpose seemingly without regard for the lifelong pain it would cause. Nice exploration of all of that. Nice to see you writing again.

Sorry it took me a bit to review this dictation software on the iPad doesn't work so well all the time!

Author Reply: Thank you, Nilmandra. Dictation software can be a bit of a trial - and it tends to play up when you want it most!

One of the things that irritates me about the whole half Elven thing is that they are really more like seven-eighths Elven. That small drop of human blood seems to justify the Valar inventing a whole new set of rules for them. In a way, you can't blame Elros for walking away from the whole mess and taking up the offer of his own kingdom.

But then, one of the most admirable things about Elrond (among others) is his staunchness. No matter what, he does what needs to be done.

I'm not writing much ... but every now and then it's fun to dabble!

curiouswombatReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/3/2015
I always feel so sorry for Elrond - the Valar were not kind to him.

You have captured that so well - and I am glad you are sending him West with hope to hold in his heart and to carry to Celebrian.

Author Reply: I agree that Elrond so often seem to get a raw deal - and yet he continued to fight. He needs his sons to join him in the West. I wouldn't want him to become bitter, and there are only so many times you can accept adversity. Losing all his children might be one straw too many.

Thank you. He needs Celebrian now to help him heal.

EllieReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/1/2015
How very sad, but yet hopeful at the end as well. You captured Elrond beautifully here. I love your work!

Author Reply: Elrond just seems to get left so often by those he loved. I know he had happy centuries - but I suspect the losses loomed large.

Thanks, Ellie.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/1/2015
Oh my! This was such a beautiful and bittersweet character study of one of the most memorable Elves in the Legendarium.

I love that even with all the sad memories, it ended with that most enduring theme of Arda: Hope.

Author Reply: Thanks, Dreamflower. I'm sure that Elrond is relieved that his sons have given him hope of reunion in the Blessed Realm - and I think he has to hold on to the idea that one day he will be reunited with all his loved ones.

someoneReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/1/2015
I'm glad to see the scene between Elros and Elrond from the other point of view, with Elros not understanding wholly why Elrond wants to be an elf. It is usually the other way around, but I have to agree with Elros: given the circumstances, Elros most likely lived the happier life.

This story is so sad, with the world practically crumbling around Elrond, but with the tiny bit of hope growing at the end, there is a chance that his family will be happy (which we already know from your other stories).

I haven't reviewed your old stories, but I have really enjoyed (re-)reading them (especially Far Horizons)!

Author Reply: I feel for Elros, really. I think he would have resented being treated as half-Elven - I was thinking Paradise Lost and 'better to reign in Hell' (probably misquoted). Not that Numenor equates with Hell, really.

I dread to think what Elrond would have felt, sailing to the Blessed Realm only to tell Celebrian that all their children had chosen mortality. At least he knows now that they will come - and can comfort himself with the knowledge that they will be with their sister until she no longer needs them.

Thank you. I'm glad you liked Far Horizons!

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