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Reunion in Mirkwood  by Mirkwoodmaiden 24 Review(s)
mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 9 on 8/27/2020
I am really glad that Legolas is starting to behave like a mature personbut i don't understand why Thranduil thinks he failed. It is natural for him as a parent to feel protective especially that Legolas is his youngest son. Why does he feel guilty? Think he is a great parent because he has sons he didn't fail at all. Kids rebel or argue with parents.

Author Reply: Mystarlight!

Hello! Kids rebel and argue, but Thranduil does feel responsible. Emotions are not rational reactions. Thranduil is extremely emotional right now. He feels guilty because his actions, to his way of thinking, has caused this and his son is now out in the world (that Thranduil tried so hard to shield him from)and is unprepared for what will come at him. And Thranduil's inability to deal with his own pain in life has affected the way he has raised Legolas as compared to the way he and Lasgalen raised Celebren and Sadron. He is berating himself for his own failures and how they are now as he sees affecting Legolas! I love the discussions that take place in the review section. :-)

Thank you so much for writing!

Stay Safe, mellon nin


elizaReviewed Chapter: 8 on 8/18/2020
Oh bother, I could shake these two. lol. I really am enjoying your "Thranduil". You have written both him and Legolas so well, so different but with some of the same character, lol shall we say flaws. It's nice seeing Thranduil as a strong character but no afraid to admit he's wrong, well not afraid to admit it to himself at least.

can't wait to see what trouble our beloved prince manages to get himself into.

Thanks for the great story

Author Reply: Eliza!

Thanks so much for taking the time to write! Fathers and sons it can be a difficult relationship for anyone, Elves included. Even for a father and son who clearly love each other. Both Thranduil and Legolas share a stubborn streak although Legolas has learned to hide his. They are a lot alike. Both are shaped be the love that they feel and it will take them on divergent paths. Both will charge ahead thinking themselves to be right...then have to find a way to pick up the pieces later.

I do see Thranduil as a very strong character. He has all of his Woodland Realm to protect AND without the help of an Elven ring of power. And he has seen a lot of tragedy in his long life and bulls his way through it pushing the pain to one side. He is now faced with the consequences of his choices/mistakes and at least wants to correct them as soon as he can. It takes strength to admit that you were wrong and then to try to make amends.

We will definitely see where Legolas' choices take him.

Once again, thanks so much for writing and glad that you are enjoying it!

Stay safe!


mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 8 on 8/17/2020
Legolas at least should ask for permission for his leave. He definitely doesn't behave like a mature person. He should have apologized personally not with a letter. Hope that after the council he will try to talk to Thranduil. Love your story. Thranduil is awesome but it is sad that he feels so insecure.

Author Reply: mystarlight!

Yes he should have but again making decisions without really thinking it through. He was ashamed and once again making emotionally charged decisions which are not the best. He recognises bad decisions but then continues to make more bad decisions. Happy that you are enjoying the story! Thranduil has a lot of pain that he has set to one side to get on with the business of ruling. He has never really dealt with the death of his father, the death of Lasgalen because he has always had responsibility thrust on him. So much is expected and he expected so much of himself that he is really not great at admitting weakness. His emotions are all there and he can only deal with them by ignoring them. He is a fascinating character!

Thanks so much for writing! I really enjoy reading them!

Stay safe!


mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 7 on 8/17/2020
I don't know why but I somehow missed this update. To tell the truth I agree with Thranduil. Legolas should have told him about Gandalf's schemes. It was lack of trust and no wonder Thranduil was angry and disappointed. This decision was very important to the realm and had nothing with personal feelings. Legolas definitely made a mistake and it was him who should apologise first. Thranduil is definitely too protective of him but still it is not an excuse to have a sort of tantrum because of it. It was realm which was important not personal needs or feelings that someone treated him like an adult.

Author Reply: mystarlight!

I agree with you. Legolas made a poor decision based what he does admit in the end were reasons that were not good enough. Thranduil was right to have expected more from his son if not Gandalf. Not to defend Legolas but we often don't make the best decisions when we are emotional. He does realise that he used to bad judgment. And he going to try to make amends...

Thanks so much for writing and bringing these points. So nice to see someone interacting with my story!

Stay safe, mellon nin!


demeter dReviewed Chapter: 7 on 8/15/2020
I want you to know that there is more than one person reading this story. I have been enjoying it very much. (I am, though, a horrible lurker. I try to spend less time in Middle Earth, but I am afraid that is a lost cause.) Thranduil is interesting, isn't he? The one Third Age elven ruler without a ring of power, so we know he had to be strong and smart. And no mother is ever mentioned for Legolas, so we all guess that something must have happened to her. I have enjoyed your take on her. Dead from tragedy, not merely sailed like Celebrian. This way, her spirit can be allowed to visit and comfort her husband, as in the tender scenes you have written. I also like the dynamic of our Leggy being a youngest child, the last born before the mother was killed. You depict very well why his father has been, maybe, OVER-protective over the years.

Author Reply: Demeter d!

Thank you so much for writing! And yeah it nice to know that more than one person is reading the story! So happy that you are enjoying it. And YES! Thranduil is very interesting. I always point out to my Thranduil-bashing hubby that Thranduil WITHOUT aid an Elven ring has to keep the forces that would overrun Mirkwood. It is through sheer will, smarts and his archers. (we generally have to agree to disagree. He refuses to listen to my sound reasoning as why Thranduil very interesting. LOL!)

I recently tried spending less time in Middle Earth. It didn't last long. :-)

I don't know where I got the idea that Legolas' mother died tragically. Perhaps from the reams of fanfic I have also read. It is a storyline that works for me. this way, as you say Lasgalen can comfort Thranduil at times of great distress.

It has bothered me that Legolas leaves Mirkwood, forsaking his inheritance to live in Ithilien. So I created to two brothers (the heir and the spare so to speak!) :-) And that expands the relationships I can write about! And Legolas being the youngest and the Last gift of his mother and the fact that Grief lives in Elven hearts for long periods of time leads to Thranduil being WAY overprotective of Legolas.

I am happy to hear that Thranduil's tendencies are coming across so well. He loves his children beyond anything else and the fact that he has hurt Legolas so much is devastating to him. It was the last thing he wanted to do but when we are blinded by pain we don't always recognise the harm we ourselves are causing.

Long winded reply, I know. So glad you are liking it!

Stay safe!


mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 6 on 8/12/2020
I absolutely love it!!! Great fight scenes. Does it mean Gollum informed the bird which in turn called orcs? What sort of bird could it be then?

Author Reply: My Starlight!

So glad you love it! Yeah! And it does mean that Gollum and the birds were have the conversation. In Fellowship film Legolas mentions "Crebain from Dunland" and Gandalf also mentions that many creatures are sympathetic to the Orcs and Sauron. Writing the next chapter now. Some more explanation may have happen but I can't for sure as I have not yet written about it yet!

Stay Safe

Mellon nin!


mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 5 on 7/27/2020
I have just thought that if Gandalf asked them to guard him there should be extra guards to watch the prisoner. If guards left their positions their captain should be furious as they are part of the army I think and if they left there is another question why? I am sorry to bother you. Can't wait for another chapter. Stay safe!!!

Author Reply: Not to worry. It isn't a bother. Technically I agree with you. But when I write I try to stay close to what I have read in Tolkien's various writings. In the chapter "the Council of Elrond" in the Fellowship of the Ring, Legolas says that they were vigilant yes but perhaps too kind, or to use Legolas' word "overkindliness". They didn't have the heart to keep in him the dungeons the whole time. Early on he says that they guarded him as Gandalf wanted but also to keep in mind the "hope still for his cure," In Spring they let him climb trees. From my reading of the chapter they were not harsh captors and that is more what I was trying to reflect.

Looking at the chapter in Fellowship again I could rework that portion of my chapter to reflect the initial guarding of Gollum. It could make for some interesting interactions.

Thanks for writing!!

Stay safe!



mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 5 on 7/27/2020
Little elfings were really clever to get so close to Gollum but where were the guards? Wonderful bond between Thranduil and his sons.

Author Reply: Mystarlight!

Good question! I could say that they bribed the guards with wine or got them drunk, After all it worked in the Hobbit!! But the real answer is part of me didn't think about it and the other part of my creative brain remembered that the dungeons of Mirkwood are generally not horrible places as stated somewhere in Tolkien's writings. I surmised then that there were differing levels of cells and keeping in mind that Gandalf had some hope (however misguided) of Gollum's possible reform and the fact that Mirkwood elves generally were kind to their prisoners (who were not dwarves, I guess) I went with the idea that the cell that Gollum was placed was like minimum security. And in the end he was more treated like a prisoner/ guest. Thanks for paying attention and pointing that out! :-))

About Thranduil and his sons, I just feel that family is probably the most important thing in Thranduil's life. He has lost so much and tries to paid to what is really important. And sometimes in life we don't recognise moments when we should. I wanted to give Thranduil that moment.

Stay safe, mellon nin!


mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 4 on 7/20/2020
Thranduil shows in a great way who is in charge. I am not convinced that he couldn't see the wider perspective as Gandalf suggested and to tell the truth I think it is offensive to the king that he did not get full background. We know Maia who thought he everything. Really enjoy good relationships between Aragorn and Thranduil. Awesome chapter. Can't wait for another one.

Author Reply: mystarlight!

So very true! Gandalf is not above misjudgment as he himself admits. And it is an insult to not include Thranduil. People do misjudge situations and Gandalf does here. The tension is building to a purpose in the story.

The good relationship between Thranduil and Aragorn refers to another story of mine called "The Heir Apparent" about how Aragorn came to Imladris and his growing up there.

Thank you again for taking the time to write, I really do appreciate it!

Stay Safe! mellon nin!


mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 3 on 7/19/2020
Thank you. Thought you wrote the story using the same title :D. Can't wait for another chapter.

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