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Welcome to Stories of Arda. This website is intended to be a general archive, hosting stories that are based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Authors are encouraged to read the books and write stories based upon them. Tolkien's world covered thousands of years and multiple races, so there is ample room for many to write, as he encouraged us to do.

Please complete all of the following information to be considered as an author with posting privileges at Please sign up as a member of the website before applying.

If you have applied and been declined in the past, please wait 3 months before reapplying. If you do reapply after 3 months, be very clear if you have improved your previous works or only want us to consider new works.

Please remember that we approve authors, not stories. We will ask you to list all of the stories you plan to post, so that we may review your work as a whole, and so that we know that you have read the guidelines and excluded stories not appropriate for the website. We prefer to see at least one completed story, but will consider a first story well in progress with an outline. We do not have a procedure in place to post individual stories on behalf of authors who are not approved to post on their own. We operate on the honor system - if you write stories that you know do not meet guidelines, tell us up front so we don't consider them. If you are granted posting privileges, do not post those stories or others that do not meet guidelines. There are plenty of authors here, including the owners, who have stories that do not meet guidelines and hence, do not post them here

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Yes has guidelines regarding the types of stories that authors may post on the website. The guidelines may be found here, along with links to definitions for the terms used. Please indicate that you have read and understood the guidelines, that none of the stories you are submitting fall within these exclusions, and that you will comply with them if you are granted posting privileges. The following kinds of stories are excluded:.

  • Slash or parodies of slash
  • adult themed (group sex, voyeurism etc, even if not rated higher than 'R')
  • rated higher than soft R
  • crossover or real person stories
  • Mary-sue/Marty-stu or parodies of them
  • modern day people falling into Middle-earth
  • Male pregnancy
  • Stories with sex as the main point or plot, or stories lacking in plot (drabbles, vignettes etc that aren't stories per se, need to have a point, theme or perspective)
  • Bear no relationship to Tolkien's works or do not follow a reasonable semblance of canon etc - if you haven't read the books, you might want to think twice about applying. Gap filler stories based on movie-verse tend to go wildly astray from the books and are not the focus of this archive.
  • MST - essentially trashing someone else's story
  • General silliness: chat rooms, in boxes, game shows etc.
  • A songfic with lyrics interspersed throughout the story.
  • Not spell checked, grammar checked or proof read.

Yes, I have reviewed the stories I am submitting and none fall within these exclusions. I will comply with these guidelines if I am granted posting privileges.

In the box below, enter the titles and URL where the stories you wish to submit are posted. These sites must be publicly available (we will not join a Yahoo group or obtain a login to read them). You may post multiple URLs if the stories you are submitting are found on various sites. If you do not currently have work posted publicly elsewhere, please write in 'None'.

If you wrote in 'None', you will need to email your stories - all the ones that you think meet guidelines - Please ensure they are in .doc, .txt or .htm/html format. Make sure your screenname and the email address you use at Stories of Arda are included in that email.

Your stories will be screened by people likely to read that type of story (e.g. hobbit fics by people who like hobbits, elf stories by people who like elves). Please give us a general idea of what types of stories you are sending to help make sure we have the right people screening your works. Use this area to tell us any other information you consider important for us to know.

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