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Jay of Lasgalen

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Biography:   I've been a Tolkien fan since I was about 14 (many years ago now!) and have to confess that Legolas was always my favourite character. However since I've been writing fanfiction, Elladan and Elrohir seem to have taken his place - though I still write about Legolas and good!Thranduil at times. I hate stories where he is evil and abusive, and always write him as a loving father or husband.

I used to re-read the books about once a year, but that stopped a few years ago, mainly due to time constraints. The films rekindled my interest, and confirmed my opinion that Legolas is still the best! However, I was bitterly disappointed that PJ left Elladan and Elrohir out of the films. They, or Legolas (or all three) feature in all my stories.

I'm English, and live in Devon. I'm married, with two children (23 & 21), one dog and one cat.

I've finally compiled a chronological list of my stories. Here they are, not in the order in which I wrote them, but in the order they are set.

Starlight On Leaves
Two By Two
The First Star Of Midwinter
Lazing On A Sunny Afternoon
Of Balrogs And Battles
In The Pits Of Utumno
A King's Promise
A Journey Of Discovery
With Friends Like These
Mid Winter's Eve
Mid Winter Gifts
Memory of Darkness
The Picnic
The Search
Night on A Bare Mountain
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Along Came A Spider
Nine Lives
Strange Tales, Or Myths And Misconceptions
Star Gazing
A Short Rest
High Flight
Beyond The Dimrill Gate
Shadows Over Lasgalen
Interlude In Imladris
Going On A Bear Hunt
A Lesser Treason
Burying The Hatchet
A Few Leaves In The Forest
Alas For The Wailing Of The Gulls
Letter From Elladan
Till Death Us Do Part (AU)
To The Ends Of Middle Earth (AU)

(AU means a story does not fit into my own universe of stories, because it deals with the death of a character who should survive)

Jay's Drabbles range across the entire history of Middle-Earth, so don't fit into the timeline.

I also write occasional slash, but don't post it here - e-mail me if you're interested. Please also e-mail me if you have a question or comment that won't go in a review - but if you do, please put the story title (or something LOTR-related) in the subject line - otherwise it will probably go to my junk mail,and get deleted!
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