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Biography:   Hey! Although I tend to write mostly about the hobbits, I chose an Elvish user name for 2 reasons. I wanted to incorporate something about the stars in my user name because I love them so much. I later came across the word, ElemmŪrŽ, in the book 'The Complete Guide to Middle-earth.' It's an Elvish word, meaning 'Star-jewel.' Ironically enough, my grandmother used to call me her 'Precious Jewel' because of my real name that was named after hers, Julie. So, I thought it rather befitting to choose a word that meant 'star-jewel.' My first exposure to LOTR was when I was a child growing up in the early 80s & the cartoon version of ROTK premiered. I remebered bits & pieces of that early rendition, but never the full story. I grew up knowing what hobbits were, that there was one named Frodo Baggins, something about a Ring, & the LOTR was written by J.R.R. Tolkien. One of my good friends was an avid Tolkien fan & read the series at least 2-3 times a year & was always recommending it to me, but for some reason I never picked it up & always put it on my 'To Read List.' The same thing happened when the movies came out. I was too busy in college to pay them much attention, although I wanted to see them in the theater. I now kick myself for not doing so. The very first scene I ever saw was when my parents rented FOTR. I passed through the living room on my way to work & glimpsed the part when Arwen & Frodo are being chased by the Black Riders across the Bruinen. I was hooked. When I finally did see all 3 films, I fell in love with Middle-earth & requested the LOTR books for my birthday. My mom gifted me with what I call my 'Box of Tolkien.' She had given me FOTR book & the film soundtrack. I received the next 2 books after I plowed my way through the first. I had finally found my utopia in reading. I have longed for a highly-detailed story like this for what seems like forever & Tolkien is now my favorite author. I quickly discovered fanfic & I have enjoyed reading it so much that I have become inspired by not only Tolkien, but the other writers in the fanfic world as well. I have always loved writing & I am now happy to share my tales with the rest of you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed all of yours over the past year. Namrie!
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Anso the Hobbit38
Baggins Babe23
Clever Hobbit6
Elanor SilmariŽn22
Gandalfs apprentice9
Grey Wonderer54
Henna Gamgee3
Lily Dragonquill57
Queen Galadriel35