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Biography:   My name is Celeritas, and I am one half of a young woman's writing personality. My cantankerous alter ego, Sagitta, handles plot points, canon, and nitpicks; while I handle characterization, emotion, and theme.

The stories you see below you are the products of both our minds.

If you want to know more about me, keep on reading, or feel free to visit and/or friend my livejournal, at


Of course, I can’t not thank the Professor for pretty much all his work has ever done for me—inspired me to write not only fan fiction but also original fantasy, sparked my interest in language and linguistics, sparked my love for history (don’t the great tales never end?), etc.—but I wanted to take this space to acknowledge those whose influence is (IMO) sorely lacked in fandom these days.

First of all, Brian Sibley, for proving to me that maybe my assessment of the characters wasn’t delusional, and that a canonical adaptation of LotR is possible within thirteen hours.

Next, Ian Holm, Bill Nighy, William O’Callaghan, and John McAndrew for making the hobbits come alive for me in a way both distinct from and more beautiful to me than in the films. After much effort, all four actors have proved to be a lovely litmus test for in-character writing, because if a story is true to their characters as presented in the books it will sustain their voices saying the characters’ lines.

In addition, thanks and love to the rest of the 1981 BBC LotR cast. What a journey! If any author or would-be author is reading this biography by mistake or design, try to get your hands on this and listen to it for a different interpretation than Jacksonian fare.

Much love must go to whoever planned all of the hobbitty songs in the London stage show, especially “Now and For Always.” Kudos for getting it right, and not shying away from basing your material directly off hobbit lines.

Also for the musical, the whole design team, for creating a Middle-Earth that was visually and musically different from the films, but just as valid as they.

Also James Loye, for being our first Singing Frodo, and for having brown eyes. You have no more excuses, Woodaholics. None whatsoever. ;-)

And finally, thanks to PJ and co. for providing me with the most inspiration I get when writing fan fic. I get inspired by all the things you got right, and Sagitta gets inspired to correct all the things you got wrong.

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