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Mimi Lind

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Biography:   I'm a teacher, writer, Christian, and Biologist from Sweden (yeah I know that's an odd combo lol). I devour stories - fanfiction, books, movies, TV-series, all of it! All my life I have written "stories in my head", but only later in life begun to write full length stories and novels. I am also fairly new to fanfiction.

When I write, I try to make my stories realistic (as far as it's possible in Fantasy worlds...). I like it when relationships develop slowly; I believe in attraction at first sight, not love at first sight. :)

I research a lot, both general things such as clothes and materials, foods, plant life, animal life, historical healing methods and weapon practice, and also lore about the canon characters.

For artwork and more info related to my stories, check out my blog:

And if you like, follow my Tumblr:

If you want to read more fanfiction by me, I have several finished stories on other sites, including a very popular "10th walker" where the main character is a human woman transformed into a cat! :D

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