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Biography:   (6/23/11)
I am an art major in my senior year of college, currently residing in California. I have been a Tolkien geek since I was a child, first reading the books at 11 years old and slowly becoming more engaged in Tolkien's world as the years continued to pass on by. I imagine I will only become more enthralled with his world as I continue to age.

I began writing fan fiction when I was 13 years old. I have only written for Lord of the Rings, and I do not see me leaving Tolkien's world anytime soon. Aragorn is my favorite character, though Halbarad, Gandalf, and Faramir are secondary favorites. You will find Aragorn in most of my stories. My strictly more-canon stories are here on SoA, though if you want to delve into the odd and unusual, feel free to look at my account. AUs and parodies- not typical parodies, mind- fascinate me.
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