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Biography:   Greetings! I've been a fan of LotR since I first read it 50-some years ago, became a "Tolkien scholar" about ten years after that, started setting his poems to music at about the same time, and only began venturing into writing Tolkien-based fanfic during a fit of boredom while at work in the early 1990s. I'm a writer/editor/artist/musician/composer/costume designer living in semi-rural Wisconsin, with interests in so many things, I've often been asked if there's something I DON'T do. Dance. I'm a total klutz. I'm currently experiencing a severe bout of writer's block, which has stalled the LotR fanfic I've been posting on my own website. But I'm very happy to see other's work in the genre still thriving here. (Oh, and my favorite character is Gandalf. As anyone who reads my fanfic can tell, LOL.)
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