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Biography:   I'm a tweenager (in the Shire Reckoning) just trying to find a little bit of time to indulge in Tolkien and hobbity fanfic. :) Archiving fics at SoA is a pleasure and I'm very glad to be here. I hope you enjoy my stories/ficlets/drabbles. Every author seeks to improve so please feel free to leave any comments for me so that I seek to do better or be encouraged on what I am doing already. Thanks a lot for stopping by and reading (and reviewing)! :) It's been a wonderful 10+ years of fanfic life with LotR and Tolkien's work and i just hope that this will continue on an on! Hannon le, mellyn nin! Disclaimer-- I do not own any of JRR Tolkienís characters and do not make any money off writing this. I love all of his characters and am just bothering them for the time being. =)
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