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Fate and the High King's Falcon  by Baylor
Pippin recovers from his injuries following the final battle before the Black Gates. ROTK.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Cool sunlight and green grass0
Chapter  2: Casting off at last all doubt and care and fear0
Chapter  3: A great Shadow has departed0
Chapter  4: He laughs now more than he talks0
Chapter  5: Thank goodness I have found you!1
Chapter  6: The pains you have cost me0
Chapter  7: (It) burns my heart0
Chapter  8: The unquenchable cheerfulness of Pippin1
Chapter  9: Is everything sad going to come untrue?0
Chapter 10: How glad I am to see you again!1
Chapter 11: I am hungry. What is the time?0
Chapter 12: O! Water Hot is a noble thing!1
Chapter 13: To love first what you are fitted to love0
Chapter 14: Woolly-footed and wool-pated truants1
Chapter 15: They will look for him from the White Tower0
Chapter 16: Ever since that night at Bree2
Chapter 17: Knights of the City and of the Mark1
Chapter 18: How old Toby came by the plant0
Chapter 19: The hands of the king0
Chapter 20: Are the hands of a healer0
Chapter 21: West of the Moon, East of the Sun0
Chapter 22: Was there ever any one like him?0
Chapter 23: I am to see that all is well with you1
Chapter 24: At all costs we must keep you away from the Golden Perch0
Chapter 25: Dull and dreary indeed0
Chapter 26: I feel I could sing, if I knew the right song1
Chapter 27: Filling up the corners0
Chapter 28: With him, it is said, went Gimli the Dwarf 6

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