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What's left behind  by perelleth
At the end of the War of the Ring Legolas decides to found an elven settlement in Ithilien. This story explores how his choice affected those who awaited his return in Eryn Lasgalen. Epilogue: "The Memory of Trees." Legolas and Thranduil go fishing.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: News9
Chapter  2: Troubles ahead7
Chapter  3: Underneath the same bright stars6
Chapter  4: Narbeleth6
Chapter  5: Home is...6
Chapter  6: Autumn skirmishes7
Chapter  7: Hidden Truths6
Chapter  8: Winter battles6
Chapter  9: What's left behind6
Chapter 10: What future brings5
Chapter 11: ...Where the heart is6
Chapter 12: Epilogue: The Memory of the Trees7

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