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Bound by Duty  by Lady Bluejay
To be asked to travel to a land she has never seen to marry a virtual stranger –Coming to terms with her arranged marriage, Lothiriel proves her worth to the doubters. Now complete.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: An unwarranted proposal7
Chapter  2: A calm acceptance4
Chapter  3: An interesting journey5
Chapter  4: An understated welcome4
Chapter  5: A rude awakening6
Chapter  6: An eventful afternoon4
Chapter  7: A worrying interlude6
Chapter  8: An intimate exchange5
Chapter  9: An undeniable pleasure6
Chapter 10: A triumphant morning5
Chapter 11: A ride on the wild side3
Chapter 12: An unscheduled return4
Chapter 13: A Dangerous Plan3
Chapter 14: A painful departure4
Chapter 15: A chapter of misfortune.4
Chapter 16: A day of judgement3
Chapter 17: A waiting game5
Chapter 18: A time for healing5
Chapter 19: A question of postponement 4
Chapter 20: A surprising confession3
Chapter 21: Epilogue12

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