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Elladan and Elrohir's Not So Excellent Adventure  by Fiondil
For those who enjoyed my story "Tād Edhel a Firion" comes another tale in a similar vein detailing Elladan's and Elrohir's first solo foray across the Misty Mountains. Rating is due to some intense scenes and mild profanity. Thanks goes to Alassiel for the beta-reading. MEFA 2007: 2nd Place: Elves (General).
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: They'll Be Comin' Round the Orod When They Come7
Chapter  2: Goblins, Wargs and Bears, Oh My!8
Chapter  3: Anno dulu enni!4
Chapter  4: In the Thamas of the Mountain King1
Chapter  5: Intermezzo3
Chapter  6: iRīn e-Gelaidh6
Chapter  7: Nin Amorthaneg2
Chapter  8: Coda13

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