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Elladan and Elrohir's Not So Excellent Adventure  by Fiondil 42 Review(s)
galathilReviewed Chapter: 8 on 2/7/2012
Dear Fiondil I have just reread this story.Iam wondering when you get time, will you do a story about Celeborn,Elrond and Amroth helping the trees to heal?
Maybe tell the story of what happened at Eryn Dîn.I have to admit Once again you have me curious.LOl Galathil

Author Reply: Hi Galathil. That story was written some time ago. You can find it in my Fiondil's Tapestry collection of short stories: Chapter 22: SILENT: iDhîn i-Gelaidh. Happy reading!

someoneReviewed Chapter: 8 on 10/13/2010
Another great story, Fiondil.

Well, it seems that those two were a little too immature for such a journey! Luckily Erestor seemed to guess that something would go wrong.

I don't know why, but one of the funniest details was Elemmacil's very bad day. First he hears that his king's foster father has arrived in the city and fainted, then elves take command of a guesthouse, then they leave suddenly and leave poor Elemmacil behind without telling him anything. I wonder how he did explain it all to Valandil!

I really liked when the twins were in Azaghâl-dûm, it made an interesting scene. But I wonder if the scouts got their hazard pay...

Thank you for writing this, I really enjoyed it.

Author Reply: Hello. You're very welcome. I'm so glad you enjoyed this little story, which I really wrote as a lark without any real serious intent to it. This is actually mentioned in my earlier story "Tâd Edhil a Firion", though no details are given. People kept asking me what happened with the Twins when they tried to go overmountain to Lórien on their own, and so this story came about.

I thought the scene with Elemmacil rather amusing myself, especially with Glorfindel going all Balrog-Slayer on everyone. *grin* And I enjoyed writing about Azagâl-dûm as well. That was something of a challenge.

As for the scouts getting hazard pay.... *sly wink*

Anyway, thanks for reading and letting me know how much you enjoyed this story. I'm always happy to know when someone finds one of my older stories.

Midnight PromiseReviewed Chapter: 3 on 5/28/2009
. . . Duly noted. ;p

Will this situation EVER be addressed though with Elladan? o-o

Also, (I am already asking you a million questions, a few more will not hurt :3) have you ever considered doing a story about AFTER Arda's end? Give Legolas and Aragorn their brotherhood back, Arwen back to her mother, and the ramifications between the Elves, Human, etc? Especially with poor Finrod and how he misses "his humans"? And, dangit, I want that prophecy you mentioned in your tapestry shots to come true! Especially with Turin. *grins* I can never find any good stories about him. . .

(I mentioned the inquisitiveness right? ^_-)

Your writing style is awesome, you are one of the VERY few authors that I keep coming back to; that is why I keep pestering you to write more! *grins* your take on these certain subjects would be awesome to read! And I am sorry for pestering you with questions and the like. I am afraid the boredom of my summer is getting the best of me. . .-_-;;

And thank you for always replying to reviews. While it is always nice to get review for a story, its another thing when the author actually replies back in appreciation. :)

Author Reply: I have no idea if the incident with Elladan will ever find its way on paper, so to speak. It might just end up being what another author calls a "Red Slipper". He takes it from the original Sherlock Holmes stories where often Dr. Watson begins a narrative by saying something like "I was just finishing my notes on the notorious Case of the Red Slipper when....". We never learn about that particular case, yet the mention of it gives a sort of pseudo-historical depth to the Holmesian universe. The same is true with my stories. I often pepper them with "red slippers". Tolkien did something similar, adding historical depth to Middle-earth without actually elucidating what those tales are about.

At the moment I have no plans to write a "Post-Arda" type story though the idea is intriguing. I fear though that such a story might devolve into something soppy if not sickeningly sugary and fluffy. But one never knows where the Muse will lead one....

I'm glad you like my writing and enjoy my stories. Thank you. And you must really be bored considering summer hasn't officially started yet! *lol*

As for answering reviews.... some people (who will remain nameless) accuse me of 'living for reviews', but the truth is I feel as an author I owe it to any reader who takes the time to leave a review to answer as quickly as possible. To me it's merely a courtesy. The same with posting on a regular (i.e. weekly) basis (if possible). Writers who only update once a month or once a year are really annoying when you as the reader are waiting anxiously for the next update. And then, the interval between updates is so long you have to stop and re-read all or parts of the story again just to remind yourself what happened previously! Sometimes real life does get in the way, but I think for some writers they use it as an excuse instead of applying themselves to their craft.

If you want to pester me, be my guest. Perhaps though, it would be easier on us both if you were to send me a PM.

Midnight PromiseReviewed Chapter: 8 on 5/28/2009
And the end! :)

Well done, I enjoyed reading this story-I started it a long time ago but then left off because of issues, but I finally got to finish it! ...At 2 am...:3

Will this "great wrong" ever be discussed further?

Woohoo! Go Celeborn! He totally rocked that part; I have to admit that I was half-expecting Galadriel to step in and take charge but I was really glad that Celeborn got the chance to show off his spiffy powers. *grins*

Poor, poor Erestor! Trying to a right then that blows up. .. :(

May more inspiration be blessed upon you for future writing! :0)

Author Reply: Thanks, MP. I'm glad you enjoyed this story. In my "Tapestry" series I tell the story of the Silent Wood and what became of it. The title is "SILENT: iDhîn i-Gelaidh" (Chapter 21).

I'm glad you liked Celeborn in this. I think he is a highly underrated Elf and I was happy to showcase his powers here.

Midnight PromiseReviewed Chapter: 6 on 5/28/2009
("Who —?" Eluwen began, a frisson of fear running down her spine. She had never seen Thandir in the throes of a vision before though he had told her he sometimes experienced them.

But Thandir shook his head, the vision fading. "I do not know." He gave Eluwen a searching look, his expression sober. "You know what this means, don’t you?" )

No, I don't know! GAH! Watch, its something simple- but since its past 2 am right now, I am not really in the "thinking" mode. . .>_>

Aw, poor twins. :)

Author Reply: The answer to that is in the final sentence of that scene.... 'For as long as Arda endured, they could never speak of this to anyone.' What Thandir witnessed at the pool with Elladan has to remain their secret because Elladan himself will never speak about the experience or the pool with the oak tree to anyone except to one person and only because need will drive him to do so. Does that help? *grin*

TrishReviewed Chapter: 8 on 1/20/2009
I love this story.I read the Tapestry Stories loved them to.Thank you.

Trish Waddilove

Author Reply: I'm glad you loved this story as well as the Tapestry stories. Thank you for letting me know.

Nieriel RainaReviewed Chapter: 8 on 4/6/2008
I really enjoyed every aspect of this story. It provided me with plenty of laughs as a time when I needed them. Thank you.


Author Reply: You're welcome. I'm glad this story provided you with plenty of laughs just when you needed them.

KestrelReviewed Chapter: 8 on 2/1/2008
This was realy fun to read. I especially loved the dwarves, they don't get a chance to have "fun" with elves like this often enough LOL! I loved all the little touches, like the clothes they were given. I could just imagine some little bearded dwarf girls hurriedly sewing cloaks together! And Thekki.."Methinks the name was something like Elroth or Elmond or..." made me laugh out loud. The characters of Eluwen and Thandir are great too, all through the story. I especially loved the poor ellyth's mad dash to Lorien, and I wondered who she'd run over, Haldir? And why doesn't it surprise me that Galadriel wears a mail shirt under her tunic? *g* All very well done!

Author Reply: Thanks, Kestrel. I'm glad you enjoyed this tale. I had lots of fun writing it, as you probably can guess. *g*

RhapsodyReviewed Chapter: 8 on 12/30/2007
Dear Fiondil,

I wanted to read this story for months since it was nominated for the MEFA's. To be honest, the title did it; just as Elf interrupted immediately caught my attention and I have been pointing Glorfindel-lovers to that story as much as I could. I am in the middle of reading that story, and am at one tenth perhaps and will not make it on time (I am really sorry about that, but I have it printed and can read it while watching over my toddler). Secondly, I loved your writing style the moment I reviewed Drawing Straight With Crooked Lines at HASA. Consider me a silent fan of your works who sadly enough does not have enough time to read and review as I could in the past.

Now, onto this story. It had me laughing, perching on the edge of my seat, pushing back tears, feeling proud and yes, also in tears that came when Elladan broke down in the end. It is a wide range of emotions to evoke from your reader and you did it with skill. There is so much I want to say, but I am trying to safe it also a bit for the MEFA review, but I am deeply enchanted by your character Thandir (teetering on the edge of calling myself a fangirl). It must be my love for Noldo elves that might make me wanting to know more about him. I have been trying to find out if you ever considered telling his tale, if you have not done that already; can you either let me know (even if it is written where I can find it)?

Reading this story was quite an adventure; a special nod towards the description of the Dwarven realm is well deserved, especially given the past of this race. I could not help to think how perhaps these Dwarven lords learnt much from either Caranthir, nay even better: from Curufin on how to work the emeralds and filling them with light. I took utter delight in how you gave Celeborn a special role and oh Amroth! That was just simply great. Another thought that came to me (ah well while we are at it), was the moment Celebrian collapsed in shock, this came awfully close in how I perceive Nerdanel's bond with her children, and I often have been wondering how Elven parents must have been balancing between life and death (think of the kinslaying at Alqualondë alone!), what a shock must that have been, a nation nearly crippled in grief and darkness, this on top of the destruction of the Trees. Oh dear, now I have plotbunnies everywhere. As if I needed more. ;c) I will cease my long rambling and thank you for writing this wonderful story.

Rhapsody the Bard

Author Reply: Hi Rhapsody. Thanks for telling me how much you enjoyed this story. It was a product of a tale that I did not elaborate on in my novel "Tad Edhil a Firion" which features Elrond, Glorfindel and a 25-year-old Aragorn traveling to Mirkwood. Elrond tells this particular story to Aragorn.

While I've not written a specific story about Thandir, he does appear in my story "Stirrings of Shad0w" (in fact he's pretty much taking over; you know how these elves can be *grin*). Perhaps I will be able to tell his tale someday. One of my OCs from "Elf, Interupted" who also fled Valinor under Finrod's banner wants his story told and I think the two of them would have known each other and fought together, so if I do write the story, I will most likely write about the two of them and their relationship with Finrod against the backdrop of the Wars in Beleriand.

All of my stories, btw, are on Stories of Arda, so you can find them there, but I'm slowly putting some of them on other sites.

I can understand not getting through "Elf, Interrupted" too quickly, but I'm glad you're reading it anyway. One of the stories I hope to write will be about the Darkening of Valinor and the psychological effects on its inhabitants after the Noldor rebel.

Anyway, thank you for this lovely review. I'm glad you like my writing.

Nieriel RainaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/8/2007
Well DANG, Fiondil! Not only have I MISSED this story (and the one about Erestor, Valar forbid!) but WOW! You can write a pretty HOT scene there! *fans face* I haven't seen much Elrond/Celebrian written in such a manner and I LOVE it! Okay, on to matters other than sex. *grin*

I love this concept, and am thoroughly enjoying the story so far. Your take on Elladan and Elrohir is just charming, and of course, there is GLORFINDEL! Who I absolutely adore. I really enjoyed seeing Erestor in a wonderful counterbalance to Glory and not written as a stuck up snob. This is truly the Chief Councilor of Elrond. I often find Elrond written in a manner that makes me dislike him, but you have won me over with your portrayal of him, and I LOVE seeing a fic with Celebrian still alive.

Anything from you is refreshing and I'm still kicking myself for missing this before. I'm glad I saw it on the MEFA site and I will be reviewing it there as well.


Author Reply: Well, however you've found this story, early or late, I'm glad you have. The Erestor story should be read AFTER you've read this one as that that is properly an epilogue to this story.

As for the Elrond/Celebrían scene... just goes to show that you don't actually have to be explicit to get your point across, doesn't it? *grin*

I'm glad you like my portrayal of Elrond, Glorfindel and Eretor. And naturally Celebrían would have to be alive as she never dies. I think you mean "with Celebrían still in Imladris". *grin*

Anyway, I'm glad you are enjoying the story and I look forward to reading your MEFA review as well. Thanks.

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