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The Life and Times of Mag the Cook   by annmarwalk
From humble beginnings in the scullery, Mag rose to Head Cook of the Citadel, a position she held for over 30 years, spoiling generations of Citadel guards and trainees with her excellent food and exuberant affection. Following the war Mag “retired” to Emyn Arnen with the Prince of Ithilien's household. However, Mag did not find country life to her liking and soon returned to Minas Tirith to continue doing what she loved best, cooking and spoiling people. These are some of her stories.
Status: In Progress
Chapter Prologue: Snakes2
Chapter  1: A Breath of Fresh Air2
Chapter  2: Stag and Star3
Chapter  3: Constant2
Chapter  4: End Times (Drabble)1
Chapter  5: Where There's Life, There's Hope (and in need of vittles) (Drabble)1
Chapter  6: News From the City (Drabble)1
Chapter  7: Unmasked3
Chapter  8: Mousery2
Chapter  9: Foreign Ways4
Chapter 10: Girl Talk NEW 7/14/20075
Chapter 12: A Meal Fit For.... - New! Added 1/24/20095
Chapter 13: Chef's Surprise *Added 6/28/20093

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