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The Life and Times of Mag the Cook   by annmarwalk 3 Review(s)
SoledadReviewed Chapter: 2 on 7/1/2009
Heh! That's Imrahil for you: always an eye for the opportunity. Erm... is gahwa actually coffee? Because in that case I so understand the strategy!

Author Reply: Thank you! I'm imagining a young, pre-War Imrahil here, still young and restless, not yet having found the proper outlets for his energy. A bit of mischievous wild-child when he can be. Not canon in the slightest but enjoyable to consider. *g*

Yes, gahwa is coffee! I fiddled with a similar name (something Bedouin, I think) until I was happy with the way it sounded.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/28/2009
Ah, yes--the first coffee shops within Gondor were started by Prince Imrahil, eh? Well, why not? Heh!

Author Reply: Hahahaha! Well, his name is never sullied by being associated with "trade", and there's a fair bit of money to be made. Imrahil likes money - he can spend it on nice things. A win-win situation! Thanks for reading and commenting!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 2 on 7/11/2007
S0--that's how coffee got started in Gondor, eh? Heh!

Author Reply: All right, so this was just pure silliness. But I had great fun writing it, and exploring Imrahil's character a little - besides being a gallant and intrepid warrior, he's a bit of an entrepreneur as well! And an astute partner and advisor for Mag. I still haven't figured out what happened to her considerable fortune when she passed on, though.

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