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Sundry Scrolls II  by Raksha The Demon
Here there will be more stories of less than 1000 words. We begin with Faramir, in "Rider of the Last Hope". Added 3/23/08 - "Wind of Change". Pippin prepares for the last battle "Before the Gate" (3/25). 4/24 - ficlets starring young Ranger Aragorn, and Faramir in Ithilien. Three more ficlets added 5/11/08 - an AU Denethor tale, musings by Gandalf, and a Fourth Age Faramir ficlet. Three new ficlets 8/17. 9/15 - a birthday ficlet for Linda Hoyland.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: I. Rider of the Last Hope (Faramir)10
Chapter  2: II. Wind of Change6
Chapter  3: III. Before the Black Gate (Pippin)7
Chapter  4: IV. The Fire of Hope (Aragorn)10
Chapter  5: V. Moonset over Gondor (Faramir)7
Chapter  6: VI. The Prisoner of Time (AU, Denethor)8
Chapter  7: VII. Reflections in the Smoke (Gandalf)7
Chapter  8: VIII. Seeds Under Stone (Faramir)7
Chapter  9: IX. Cold Fire (Faramir, AU)6
Chapter 10: X. Destiny of Fire (Ecthelion)4
Chapter 11: XI. Long Under Tree (Thranduil & family)5
Chapter 12: XII. Stranger At The Feast (Faramir)7

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