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Sundry Scrolls II  by Raksha The Demon 7 Review(s)
Little DwarfReviewed Chapter: 7 on 6/29/2008
Wonderful!!! You're right about the 'purposeless' part - though Gandalf had one more important task to make: help Aragorn find and restore the White Tree, to give Gondor a reminder of its roots...

Are Olorin and Sauron brothers? I know they are both Maiar, but doeas Tolkien mention them as 'brethen'? (not physical, of course, but maybe in the way that Manwe and Morgoth are brothers...)

I loved the last line and the contrasting use of the different names! :)

Author Reply: I'm not entirely sure that Gandalf was aware of the existence of the new White Tree at this point. If he had known that there was a fruit of the sacred-to-the-Kings tree still alive and not too far from Minas Tirith, surely Gandalf would have told Aragorn before they set out for the Black Gate, to give the King hope. I tend to think that the Valar themselves held the sapling in reserve, and gave it an extra growth spurt after Sauron fell. Then they would have communicated the fact of the tree's existence to Gandalf, but not necessarily the night after the last battle, with King and wizard so far from the little Tree.

I thought that Gandalf might have, at one point in his long-gone 'youth', have thought of Sauron as a brother, since they were both Maiar and most of the Maiar served the Valar. A bit of poetic license, perhaps.

Glad you liked the use of the different names - Gandalf and Sauron had accumulated so many!

BranwynReviewed Chapter: 7 on 5/18/2008
It must have been strange for Gandalf to be at rest, after so many years of hurry and conflict. I wonder if he was bored in his "retirement" or if he was assigned other tasks. In this fic (and in Tolkien's writing) he is clearly at ease in the company of Men and Hobbits. Was he changed by so many years among mortals? I liked the reference to his brotherhood with Sauron--it is easy to forget that Sauron, like Lucifer, was a fallen angel.
A well-written and interesting piece!

Author Reply: I hope poor Gandalf was bored silly after a few years of peace and harmony in paradisical Valinor! He seems to be such an active, resourceful guy, someone meant to strive as well as reflect.

Yes, imagine younger Olorin and younger Sauron, during the time of the Trees and earlier, fellow Maiar; they might have even been friends.

Thanx for the review, Branwyn!

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 7 on 5/11/2008
You're captured that moment of odd moment of blankness that comes when a great work is done. How strange it must have seemed for Gandalf.

Author Reply: A belated reply to your review - thanx for reading and commenting. Yes, that's what I was aiming for, the odd mingling of relief and aimlessness that comes after the end of a great endeavor. And for Gandalf, the work had been so long...

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 7 on 5/11/2008
It felt strange to have no course left but the path to the West.

I'm sure it did. There were many quests achieved in the War, Gandalf's life-purpose not the least. Beautifully written.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 7 on 5/11/2008
This is just beautiful! Indeed, it *must* have seemed very strange indeed to have finally accomplished his long and thankless task. Of course, he did have just a few loose ends to tidy up, pleasant little tasks like crowning a king, helping to find the scion of the White Tree, and officiating at a wedding, and seeing four hobbits home to the Shire--but those must have been the last things on his mind in those first few hours of knowing that his major duty was completely fulfilled!

Author Reply: A belated THANX for reading and reviewing, Dreamflower! Yes, Gandalf did have a few little things left to do; but they were tangential; his purpose had been to help bring about Sauron's downfall. Those tasks were probably joyful extras for Gandalf, rather than an endless burden that was finally lifted. I'm glad you liked the piece.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 7 on 5/11/2008
The one sent to cajole and raise ardor and purpose, now his own purpose fulfilled at last, and able to know peace for the first time in two thousand years! Yes--time to rest!

Author Reply: It must have been a tremendous relief to Gandalf, and yet rather strange and sad at the same time. Thanx for reviewing, Larner!

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 7 on 5/10/2008
I can just imagine Gandalf having thoughts like these.It is good to be reminded of his kinship with Sauron and how different they were.

Author Reply: I'm glad you thought I portrayed Gandalf's thoughts with some accuracy; I'm always nervous when writing him, since he's a favorite of mine, and such an ancient, wise and long-living individual. Thanx for the review!

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