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In Empty Lands  by Larner
To reflect the experiences of the Fellowship, mostly as seen through the eyes of Boromir, son of Denethor. Title taken from the lament sung by Aragorn and Legolas as Boromir's funeral boat is committed to Rauros Falls and the river.
Status: In Progress
Chapter Prologue: Prologue11
Chapter  1: The Arrival14
Chapter  2: Be By Him13
Chapter  3: Well Met by Moonlight16
Chapter  4: The Son of his Heart13
Chapter  5: Folk out of Legend16
Chapter  6: Around the Corners12
Chapter  7: Lessons in History9
Chapter  8: On Plans for Weapons12
Chapter  9: Getting to Know You10
Chapter 10: Of Games of Kings and Castles9
Chapter 11: A Conversation in the Dark9
Chapter 12: Breakfast Council9
Chapter 13: Bound to Teach Weaponry9
Chapter 14: The Prince of Mirkwood10
Chapter 15: On Swords and Swordsmanship10
Chapter 16: Trust to their Friendship9
Chapter 17: An Encounter with the Ringbearer7
Chapter 18: A Warriors' Dance6
Chapter 19: Return of the Scouts7
Chapter 20: Talk of Paths to be Trod6
Chapter 21: Reforged12
Chapter 22: All the King's Men5
Chapter 23: The Battle of the First Snowfall11
Chapter 24: Final Gathering3
Chapter 25: Departure4
Chapter 26: A Stone and Nearly Half Again of Nothing5
Chapter 27: Yuletide Cheer4
Chapter 28: More than Meets the Eye8
Chapter 29: Memorials7
Chapter 30: Discord5
Chapter 31: Ascending the Pass with Pony4

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