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The Ranger and the Hobbit  by Cairistiona
An AU-ish tale that’s less AU than it is “what if”: what if, as the Dúnedain patrol the region around the Shire, Aragorn has an encounter with an intrepid, resourceful hobbit, one with the same mettle as Bilbo and a similar yen for adventure? And what if Aragorn also has an encounter with some men with less friendly intentions? Tookishness and Rangerliness both abound in this tale of a quiet patrol turned disastrous. 2010 MEFA nominee.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: A Strange Encounter19
Chapter  2: Concern and Consternation14
Chapter  3: Broken Baggage20
Chapter  4: Grim Deeds15
Chapter  5: All You Need Do is Listen15
Chapter  6: Just Bring Him Back Alive11
Chapter  7: Not Without A Fight13
Chapter  8: 'Twas You I Heard16
Chapter  9: Safe17
Chapter 10: There Would Be No Larksong15
Chapter 11: Of Mushroom Stew and Wise Counsel10
Chapter 12: 'Ware a Hobbit Throwing Stones13
Chapter 13: Epilogue: Strong Arms and Spilled Blood19

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