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You Can Lead a Took to Water  by Lindelea
(Continuation of a birthday mathom, for your reading pleasure.) Young Pippin performs an heroic rescue, returns a favour, and makes a friend. Another chapter added, in honour of Dreamflower's birthday (which, if I remember right, is how this whole thing started in the first place. Story is nearly finished!).
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: The One that Almost Got Away7
Chapter  2: To Land A Fair Sized Fish4
Chapter  3: Making Do2
Chapter  4: A Man in the Kitchen5
Chapter  5: An Un-expected Message6
Chapter  6: Help Arrives6
Chapter  7: How to Dose a Man?7
Chapter  8: In the Middle Night4
Chapter  9: And Wake Me 'ere the Morning Light6
Chapter 10: A Prancing Pony Breakfast4

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