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Thranduil's Shadow  by Mimi Lind
Young Thranduil rushes into a relationship that divides his family, and a series of tragic events turns him cold and reserved. To find happiness and love he must deal with his shadows, but how can he ever become free of his father? This is a story of how Thranduil met Legolas’ mother, and also a recount of parts of the Silmarillion from his perspective. Rated for a few mature scenes (can be skipped).
Status: In Progress
Chapter Prologue: Prologue3
Chapter  1: Thranduil's Shadow3
Chapter  2: Hair of Uinen1
Chapter  3: Face in the Water1
Chapter  4: An Emissary from Eglarest1
Chapter  5: Water Magic1
Chapter  6: Long Distance Relationship1
Chapter  7: Autumn Hunt0
Chapter  8: Lúthien's Lover1
Chapter  9: Falas by the Sea1
Chapter 10: Persuation0
Chapter 11: Meeting the In-laws0
Chapter 12: Living in Doriath0
Chapter 13: White Pearls0
Chapter 14: Tree Prison0
Chapter 15: Sorrow0
Chapter 16: The Adventures of Lúthien and Beren0
Chapter 17: Forebodings0
Chapter 18: Unnumbered Tears1
Chapter 19: Adopted Son0
Chapter 20: Dragon Helm0
Chapter 21: The Naked Ellon0
Chapter 22: Land of Helm and Bow0
Chapter 23: Bloodstained0
Chapter 24: Messenger of Círdan0
Chapter 25: Father of Dragons0
Chapter 26: Oropherion0
Chapter 28: Therapy0

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