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Mimi Lind

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Biography:   Welcome to my profile. I'm not very active on this platform, so for artwork and more info related to my stories, check out my blog:

And if you like, follow my Tumblr:

I have several finished stories on other sites, including a very popular "10th walker" where the main character is a human woman transformed into a cat. :D

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bullet Thranduil's Shadow Last Updated: 5/16/2021
Young and naive, Thranduil meets his future wife, Legolasí mother. Follow his complicated relationship through the ages, shadowed by an abusive father and a troubled world, and experience the long lost Beleriand through his eyes. We know him as the Elvenking, cold and guarded - this is the story of how he became that elf. (Pre-Lord of the Rings - Silmarillion.)
Rating: R Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 27 Published: 2/5/2021
bullet Horse Lady of Rohan Last Updated: 3/6/2021
Wynne must marry an elf, preferably King Thranduil or Legolas. Sent by her ambitious mother to journey with the elves, she has to pursue them by any means - but apparently One Does Not Simply enter a human-elf relationship. When they discover strange, tiny orcs, her quest takes a new direction. (Post-Lord of the Rings, slowburn Legolas x OC) COMPLETE!
Rating: PG-13 Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 63 Published: 2/5/2021