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The Fall of the Falas  by perelleth
“But in the next year, ere the winter was come, Morgoth sent great strength over Hithlum and Nevrast, and they came down the rivers Brithon and Nenning and ravaged all the Falas.” In the autumn when the Falas fell Ereinion killed his first orc, began to earn the name by which he would be best known all replika klockor his life and learnt Círdan’s first rule of leadership. This is the tale of those fateful days.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: The Wind Is Rising2
Chapter  2: The Tide Is Turning2
Chapter  3: A New Star Rises In the Sky2
Chapter  4: May The Forest Keep Them2
Chapter  5: The Walls of Eglarest2
Chapter  6: Those Who Are Most In Need2

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