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Rhapsody's ramblings  by Rhapsody

The scribbling sound of pencils was audible in the library. On the left sat Elladan, his eyes bound to the book in his hands. On the right sat Elrohir who was copying information from a scroll. Little Arwen sat in the middle, her attention fully focussed on the paper in front of her, pencils clutched in her hands.

'What are you drawing Ar?' Elrohir asked after a while and leaned over to have a look. 'But that is Jay of Lasgalen!'

Arwen said nothing and gave Elrohir the drawing before she left the room; her face graced with a smile.


This drabble was written for Jay of Lasgalen who wished a drabble for her birthday with the twins, Legolas, if possible with the number 45. I had my mind set on writing Elrond's elflings.


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