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Rhapsody's ramblings  by Rhapsody
Here you will find a small collection of my ramblings or drabbles. It will vary from characters from different era's, happenings or subjects.

Newly added as chapter 21: 'The Legacy of Love' which features Celebrimbor who receives a message that contains a memory from the past.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Drawings3
Chapter  2: Dancing barefoot3
Chapter  3: Transfer of knowlegde3
Chapter  4: Enchantment3
Chapter  5: United, we wait2
Chapter  6: A Bard's fate2
Chapter  7: House of Pain 1
Chapter  8: Shattered Twilight2
Chapter  9: Looking Back, Looking Forward1
Chapter 10: Colourful Company4
Chapter 11: Blind Pain2
Chapter 12: The Essence of Fire 2
Chapter 13: Perturbation of Fate1
Chapter 14: Swan Dance2
Chapter 15: A Mother's Wish2
Chapter 16: I alone shall lead you1
Chapter 17: Fighting for Hope1
Chapter 18: Vengeance's Folly 1
Chapter 19: Duty, Honour, Country 2
Chapter 20: The Prince of Hearts4
Chapter 21: The Legacy of Love1

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