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Rhapsody's ramblings  by Rhapsody

The ever-changing tide refused to return what belonged to him. In his dreams, he heard it whisper: in his nightmares it lashed out to him repeatedly. Yet, the sea called to him, beckoning for surrender and to return home for his judgement. The Bard could not and remained where it once hit the waters, recalling exactly where it drifted shortly on the wild waves before it sank into OssŽís sheltering arms. This was his eternal vigil, Oath keeper to the end of Arda, remaining assured that none would delve into the dark expanse, daring to claim it as their own.

This is Maglor on the shores of Middle Earth while still remaining true to the Oath. And yet this is another exploration of his reasons to linger on the shores while the jewel dwells in the ocean. Written for the OSA drabble challenge #59 "Swimming"

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