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Dreamflower's Dribs and Drabs  by Dreamflower

This was written for the "Remix the Drabble" community on LiveJournal.  Each participant was assigned another author, and was to write a drabble based on one of theirs.

(You might want to read the original drabble first.)

Summary: “The widest was more than seven feet across, and it was long before Pippin could summon enough courage to leap over the dreadful gap.” (FOTR, Book II, Chapter IV, “A Journey in the Dark”)

Original story: Finding Courage by Dana, 100 words.
Remix author:

Kindling Courage (The Finding Courage Remix)

Holding his staff high, Gandalf looks beyond the reach of its pale glow, and at the blackness across the abyss. Only Legolas and Aragorn remain with Pippin on the other side. In the purple shadows, the hobbit’s face is white, his eyes glitter like stars. The wizard looks at the wide gap, hears the rushing water below. It is a terrifying leap for the youngest hobbit, but it is one he must take, for there is no going back. Bending his thought to Narya, and his heart to Pippin, he sees the courage kindle as the hobbit makes the leap.

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