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Dreamflower's Dribs and Drabs  by Dreamflower
This will be a separate place where I can keep my drabbles, dribbles, fixed-length ficlets, and poetry now. NEW:#68: "Ode to the Shire"--A poem in praise of the Shire, for bringing forth heroes meek yet mighty. (Written for LOTR GenFic 2017 Poetry Challenge). Replica Handbags
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: The Last of the Nine Remember8
Chapter  2: 25 Rethe, S.R. 1422: The Three Travellers Remember6
Chapter  3: Two Yuletide Carols of the Shire8
Chapter  4: For Arda9
Chapter  5: Tom Bombadil and the Four Travellers5
Chapter  6: A Few Limericks 14
Chapter  7: On the Banks of the Brandywine (Berilac's Song)9
Chapter  8: Kindling Courage (the Finding Courage Remix)7
Chapter  9: The Courtship of Merry and Estella4
Chapter 10: A Premature Celebration4
Chapter 11: Bounty14
Chapter 12: A Decent and Respectable Hobbit10
Chapter 13: Old Man Willow8
Chapter 14: Black Breath in Bree6
Chapter 15: The Rumour of Him6
Chapter 16: A Stumble in the Dead Marshes7
Chapter 17: Older and Fouler Things6
Chapter 18: Bound9
Chapter 19: The Hobbit's Tea Song (Tea, Glorious Tea)5
Chapter 20: Berilac Brandybuck Meets the Ents11
Chapter 21: In Darkness Buried Deep 7
Chapter 22: Just Looking8
Chapter 23: Remembering Frodo's Hands3
Chapter 24: Missing Her3
Chapter 25: Bregalad Keeps Watch Over Merry and Pippin7
Chapter 26: Fealty4
Chapter 27: Getting Reacquainted8
Chapter 28: The Pale Enchanted Gold8
Chapter 29: Surprise Visit, S.R. 13496
Chapter 30: There and Back Again3
Chapter 31: Grey Havens7
Chapter 32: Composition3
Chapter 33: Upwind4
Chapter 34: Visiting Bag End3
Chapter 35: Gossip At the Ivy Bush2
Chapter 36: Worth It All5
Chapter 37: Respect5
Chapter 38: Pippin and the Sea4
Chapter 39: First Breakfast3
Chapter 40: Fever!4
Chapter 41: Knowing4
Chapter 42: No Regrets7
Chapter 43: Sestina for Pippin2
Chapter 44: Dream a Little Dream of Me4
Chapter 45: Eucatastrophe: Summer Respite2
Chapter 46: HOBBITS6
Chapter 47: Teaching a Lesson6
Chapter 48: A Few MORE Limericks5
Chapter 49: From Dark to Light4
Chapter 50: Mandatory Overtime3
Chapter 51: Setting Goals2
Chapter 52: Tra-la-la-lally! Come Back to the Valley!3
Chapter 53: The Gift of Friendship5
Chapter 54: Fellowship Clerihews2
Chapter 55: Not All Who Wander Are Lost: The Grey Pilgrim3
Chapter 56: A Father's Fears3
Chapter 57: Fathers by Choice3
Chapter 58: Joy Like Swords4
Chapter 59: The Tart Taste of Summer 2
Chapter 60: Fangirls4
Chapter 61: Cast Away2
Chapter 62: Translator5
Chapter 63: Five Wizards Went Over the Sea4
Chapter 64: When the Storms of Life are Raging (Stand by Me)6
Chapter 65: A Simple Answer4
Chapter 66: What He Could Recall4
Chapter 67: A Study in Hobbits7
Chapter 68: Ode to the Shire: Arising from quiet fields...3

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